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Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero

Day 27: New Life for Old Tees
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top

Today’s piece started out being anything but practical.

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 2

Those are some extreme shoulder pads I’m rockin’ there.  Oh..and check out those sleeves!

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 3

This was a quick fix.  First, I took out the offending pads.

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 4

Then, I cut off the offending sleeves.

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 5

Now I can wear my strapless dresses to work without offending anyone’s sensibilities!  🙂

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 6
A Curtsy
Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 7
Trying to do that "bored and hungry" supermodel look...not working...
Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 8
Hi. Welcome to my Bolero!

A few days ago, a reader suggested I do something with the shoulder pads I cut off, rather than toss them out.

I took one of the pads, and turned it into a catnip mouse for little Gypsy!  🙂

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 9
Hi. I'm Mr. Mouse!

This took all of a minute to do.  My plan is to save up all the shoulder pads I encounter to turn them into toys for the kitties at the animal shelter.  🙂

Gypsy seems interested in the prototype.

Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero 10


Day 27: New Life for Old Tees
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top

20 thoughts on “Day 26: A Most Practical Bolero”

  1. I have been reading all your past posts to catch up and was wondering what you did with all those shoulder pads, so glad I got to this one before I wrote to you. I was thinking more stuffing for a cat pillow but this works even better with a lot of them. Such a great idea I had to comment on it. I have a ton of cutlets from some bras, I am unfortunate enough to not need the help they provide, this would make a great toy fro my fur babies. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Love the shoulder pad redo! I have volunteered at my local humane society for several years. I don’t like to throw little bits and pieces away so I’m going to start making cat toys to donate! Yay! Thanks for the idea!

  3. You did a group sew-a-thon for the flags — maybe you can do a group sew-a-thon for the animal shelter donation of catnip toys. I could donate fundage for catnip or notions (little bells, string for tails,..)

  4. You are awesome. I have gobs of ideas for those shoulder pads but your making kitty toys for shelter cats is the best! I’m going to do that too. <3 My kitty "SC" short for Silvercharm gets to be my test kitty.

  5. Isn’t it great when something is so easy to fix and still make it look a million times better? Also, I love your plan of turning icky shoulder pads into cat toys! I’m sure the kitties will love them.

  6. I have a tortoise shell calico cat named Gypsy too! Love your blog. Found it via refashion co-op. I’m a baby refashioner, so I love to see what others are doing! Thanks!

    • I love calicos! I’ve never met a mean one. 🙂 We named her after the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (geek alert!) character. 🙂 I’m glad you like my blog and the Co-op. Have you shared any of your refashions on the Co-op yet? 🙂

      • I applied to be part of the c-oop, but I think they have a waiting list, and since my refashions so far are in a facebook photo album (, I don’t have a blog to put in my “application.”

        I love Calicos for a geeky reason- they are always female because the gene for brown or black color is on the X chromosome, so only females with 2 Xs can have both colors. (Yay genetics!) My husband came up with the name Gypsy, but we started out trying to name her after some sort of composite mineral (like granite- because of her patchiness) but all of the mineral names sounded too masculine- so we settled on Gypsy.


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