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Day 262: Don’t Sweat it Skirt

Day 263: Pink Paisley Panther Dress
Day 261: Happy St. Pat's!

Whew!  Today I got the last of my stuff moved in to my new abode!  🙂 🙂 🙂 And just in time to head over to a friend’s place to catch the season finale of The Walking Dead!

There was just one problem…I couldn’t find my box of to-be-refashioned stuff!  🙁  I did, however, have this sweatshirt I bought for a $1 in a recent thrifting venture.

Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt 2
Don't sweat it!

I took a cue from The Sartorialist, one of my fave fashion blogs.  🙂  Check out this cute lady in Milan!

Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt 3
Isn't she adorable?

Seeing this pic realllllly makes me want to chop all my hair off again!  🙂

Anywho…back to that sweatshirt!  I pulled the neck hole down on my hips, and tied the arms around my waist.  Now I have an uber-comfy skirt that feels so nice and soft!

Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt 4

It paired well with my wine, too!  🙂

Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt 5

Wasn’t tonight’s episode crazy????  My questions for next season are:

1.  Will someone please watch Carl?  Seriously!  Do his parents just want him to die or something?  It’s the Zombie Apocalypse!  Keep an eye on your kid!

2.  Who’s in the prison?  Will there be prisoner zombies?

3.  If the zombie virus is airborne and everybody reanimates when they die, why did we see all those dead people in cars in earlier episodes?  Hmmmmmnnn?

4.  What the heck is THIS about?

Day 262: Don't Sweat it Skirt 6
I kind of feel like an armless zombie after all this moving!


Day 263: Pink Paisley Panther Dress
Day 261: Happy St. Pat's!

10 thoughts on “Day 262: Don’t Sweat it Skirt”

  1. So I have been silently stalking you for the past week reading up on all your past blogs with my six year old (her judgments are quite a riot). I need to assure you that it is a necessity to read the Walking Dead comics, such a different story. On a side not, you cant read them if your friends are not, you will be all angry at the television and they will be confused. (Btw in love with your blog)

  2. The virus is mutating – that is what the man in the lab discovered and why he didn’t want to live.

    I am obsessed with your blog and I am shopping used sewing machines on Craig’s List. I will be a grad student soon, and while I’ve never spent much on clothes, I would love to do simple things like hem some baggy pants or put the sleeves off winter dresses 🙂

    Keep being an inspiration.

  3. Cute idea!! I do this with large t shirts and tuck.the sleeves in like ‘pockets’ 🙂
    I watch the Walking Dead obsessively, and I read the graphic novels 🙂 the chick with the pet walkers chained to her is crazy and awesome 😉

  4. This is a great way to use a sweatshirt! I hate them. My daughters will surely get some good use from this tip as well!!!!

  5. Good to hear you’ve moved all your stuff. That’s the hard part done. Have you moved in properly now? I hope so. Then you can start to look ahead to your undoubtedly bright future. x


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