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Day 268: Good Meal Dress

Day 269: Can't Leaf Well Enough Alone Top
Day 267: Jackson Pollock Dress

I’ve decided.  I officially need 5 more hours in my day.  Or a wealthy husband to support my kind-natured, but extremely  unlucrative interests!  😉  After a long day of organizing my bins of clothes that I’m living out of and working on costumes, I was tired.  And sad.  I couldn’t pinpoint the exact nature of my sadness, which made me sadder.  :/  Then it hit me!  I wasn’t sad, I was just really really hungry!  🙂 This wasn’t the kind of hunger that could be sated by a couple of slices of pizza or a salad (what I’ve been living off of all week).  I needed a good square meal.

But first, I needed something to wear for said meal!  I chose this dress.

Day 268: Good Meal Dress 2
Prince's Grandmother probably owned something like this...

There was no way I was going out in public looking like this!  The purple hue is lovely, and I dig the black piping, but this acrylic fabric is extremely unbreathable!

First, I made my dress more comfy by removing those stifling sleeves!

Day 268: Good Meal Dress 3
Buh bye, sweatmakers! 🙂

Then, I hiked up that length!

Day 268: Good Meal Dress 4
Short and sweet!

My new dress got a happy new hem!

Day 268: Good Meal Dress 5

I pressed my new hems, and drove through a hail storm to get to Harper’s!

Day 268: Good Meal Dress 6
Storm Survivor!!!

I was happy and sated after consuming all of this:  🙂

Day 268: Good Meal Dress 7
Day 268: Good Meal Dress 8
A verrrry happy girl! 🙂

Cheers!  🙂

Day 269: Can't Leaf Well Enough Alone Top
Day 267: Jackson Pollock Dress

4 thoughts on “Day 268: Good Meal Dress”

  1. I love what you do but you are a size nothing. Any ideas for refashioning for heavy women like XL and up? Would appreciate your ideas.

  2. Amazing what low blood sugar can do. Funny that you picked purple when you were in the pre-Harper’s mood: Once when I was in a somewhat down, divorce-related portion of my life, a Vegas tarot card reader told me that my aura was two colors: purple and yellow. And that my purple was turned up too much just then; that it needed to be turned down a bit to let the yellow shine. You know what? She was right. And before long, that happened. Purple’s lovely, but it needs to be made into something celebratory (as you did!) rather than letting it take over. Well done. 🙂


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