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Day 281: EleFun Dress

Day 282: Orphan Dress
Day 280: Go With The Flow Top

Does anyone else remember those terrible dresses from the late 80’s-early 90’s with those atrocious fake vests attached to them?

Allow me to jog your memory!

Day 281: EleFun Dress 2
Who thought this was a good idea????

The top of this dress is just terrible, and completely without hope.  The bottom of this dress is actually really fun, though!  I love the safari print, with its elephants, camels, and zebras (oh my!)!

I made a big chop to remove all that was bad from all that was good!

Day 281: EleFun Dress 3

You see how I left some of the top part with the bottom of the dress?  That’s so I can neatly fold and pin it under, like so.

Day 281: EleFun Dress 4
Don't fret! No one will ever see that top part!

Then, I ran it through my machine, making sure the pleats laid down nicely.  🙂

Day 281: EleFun Dress 5

I grabbed those two sash-thingies that I cut off from the sides, and pinned them to the front of what would be my new dress!

Day 281: EleFun Dress 6
Front and Center!!!

I stitched these down, and my dress was nearly done!  I tried it on, and realized that I would be risking a severe wardrobe malfunction (as in serious sideboob) if I didn’t take it in a bit from the back!

Day 281: EleFun Dress 7
No peep shows here, folks! 🙂

Now I have a cute new halter dress that’s just dying to go on safari!!! 🙂

Day 281: EleFun Dress 8
It even matches the curtains! 🙂

Sadly, SC is in the grips of an annoying cold snap, so I had to dig up a cardi to toss over my new creation.

Day 281: EleFun Dress 9
My safari ended at Art Bar. 🙂
Day 281: EleFun Dress 10
I heart Art Bar! 🙂
Day 281: EleFun Dress 11
Neeeear....and Faaaaaar! 🙂


Day 282: Orphan Dress
Day 280: Go With The Flow Top