Day 282:  Orphan Dress 1
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Day 282: Orphan Dress

Day 283: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 3
Day 281: EleFun Dress

This dress makes me look like a sad little orphan.  :/

Day 282:  Orphan Dress 2
Anybody wanna adopt a well-behaved 30-year-old?

Unfortunately, the sun can’t wait until tomorrow to come out for this sad frock.  It really must come out today! 🙂

No worries!  I’ve got this!  🙂  I started off by snipping off the hem.  Check out the adorable message that was waiting there for me!

Day 282:  Orphan Dress 3
Why thank you! I will have a nice day! 🙂

Then, I took in each side about 2″.

Day 282:  Orphan Dress 4
Nice & Fitted!

I took off a bit more length, and gave my new dress a new hem!

Day 282:  Orphan Dress 5

I pressed the whole thing, and used the first piece I cut off from the dress as a sash.  With a few accessories, that sad frock is looking much nicer for an evening of wine and food with friends!  🙂

Day 282:  Orphan Dress 6
Looks great with my sweet vintage brogues! 🙂
Day 282:  Orphan Dress 7
Chilly weather = Cozy Cardi!
Day 282:  Orphan Dress 8


Day 283: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 3
Day 281: EleFun Dress


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