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Day 291: Weird Science Dress

Day 292: Marigold Dress
Day 290: Mad About My Me-Made Makeup Bag

This dress totally looks like a hospital gown.  :/

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 2
See what I mean?

It actually isn’t though.  It’s a lovingly (?) handmade smock thing with a really crazy print!

As I don’t relish the idea of looking like an escapee from a mental health ward, there was a bit of work to do here!

First, I put the dress inside-out on my dress form, and began pinning the sides to make it fit.  🙂

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 3
Pinning along...

The arm holes were both ripped, but this wasn’t a big dealio, as I took them in a bit too!

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 4

I ran each side under the needle…

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 5

…then chopped off some of that awkward length!

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 6
buh bye! 🙂

Alrighty!  I’m sooo close to being done!  I gave the bottom a new hem, like ya do.

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 7
Almost done!!!

I pressed the whole thing, and was ready to run out the door just in time to make it to a viewing of the Japanese film, Battle Royale.

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 8
Enjoying a little pre-movie brewski. 🙂

This movie is pretty flipping awesome.  If you’re into The Hunger Games, you should really check this out.

We certainly enjoyed it!  🙂

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 9
Cozy Filmgoers! 🙂

…and we weren’t the only ones!  🙂

Day 291: Weird Science Dress 10
The Hunger Games = Battle Royale w/ Cheese 😉


Day 292: Marigold Dress
Day 290: Mad About My Me-Made Makeup Bag

10 thoughts on “Day 291: Weird Science Dress”

  1. Omg I’m obsessed with your blog! I’m usually in bed by 10 but I didn’t fall asleep until 5am and I made myself do that b/c I knew my two year old would be up soon! lol I started at yesterday’s date and worked my way back to now. I’m still going 🙂 I started digging in my closet for things to refashion. Then when I woke up I told my husband all about your blog. I insisted we went to good will. It was my first time there. But I didn’t see any $1 items. Some dresses were as much as $15. No thanks. Please share- How do you find those awesome $1 deals?! The only sale was 30% off non clothing items. Bummer!!

    • Hey Jessica! Goodwill can be pricey. Ask the cashier there when they reduce certain racks to $1. Also, see if you can find a Goodwill Clearance Center near you. The cheapest thrift stores I’ve found are run by churches or small local charities. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Lots of thrift stores also have 50% off certain colored tags, some even jane them at a buck. It’s harder for me to find in my state, these dollar tags anymore, like it seems to be for Jillian, but if you check around, and ask around, you’ll find it. There is even craigslist, and freecycle, that gives stuff away, and freecycle you can ask the whole list for spare free clothes. You do still have to pick them up, but free and recycling, keeping things from a landfill and the their pollution done in their creations, and no longer supporting items being made in sweat shops, is HUGE! Plus one you do a few upcycles/refashions, you’ll feel so much better about having a one of a kind, and more faith in yourself, you’ll feel even better!

  2. This looks so cute…I love it. I am almost thru your Year 2 project. Wish I could be this creative. You look like you have such a fun life. Wish we could be friend!

  3. hmmmm, a bit short isn’t it. When you re sitting on the couch you can almost see your underware. A pretty girl lik you don’t have to show so much to look good. This would qualify as a very cute top, but not a dress. I know, I sound like your Mom, sorry. Great tallent, keep creating.

  4. I love that dress! You are awesome! And Battle Royal is a great movie, saw it with my boyfriend, he also has the complete manga series. Hunger games I don’t know (yet). By the way, thanks for introducing me to The Walking Dead. Me and my boyfriend just finished watching season 2, love it!


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