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Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top

Day 296: Forest Fairy Dress: A T-shirt to Dress Refashion
Day 294: A Sea Foam Dream Dress to Jacket Refashion

The cashier at Goodwill gave me a funny look when I bought this $1 tee.  It’s okay.  I understand.  I get these looks all the time.  It’s the What is she doing with all this terrible stuff, and why does she keep buying more?  look.  I should probably just tell them about my blog, but I kind of enjoy being a woman of mystery!  😉

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 2
Why? Just Why?

I like giraffes.  When I go to the zoo, they’re my favorite thing to see.  🙂  I like to think they think highly of me as well.  🙂

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 3
"Actually no, Jillian. I find your narrative style tedious and masturbatory. Please stop stalking me at the zoo. I'm just not that into you."

Ouch, Mr. Giraffe.  Very Ouch.  🙁

I chose this top for its fun golden giraffe, and because I was itching to get rid of these guys!

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 4
What the what?!?!

That’s right.  This was a T-shirt with shoulder pads in it!  Why?  Why would anyone want this?  The mind reels.

Now that those ridiculous pads were gone, I began pinning the sides of my new tee to make it fun & fitted!

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 5
Even the sleeves! 🙂
Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 6
Here we go!!!

I cut off all that extra fabric from the sides and made a couple of chops!

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 7

And that’s that!  Now my new top was ready for an evening out and about!  🙂

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 8
I can't tell if I look hip in this pose, or just awkward. :/
Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 9
Fashion Blogger Pose #5: Look interested in something on the ground that's slightly off to the side.

Do you recognize my skirt?  It’s my top from yesterday!  I think it kind of rocks as a miniskirt.  🙂

While out, I swung by New Brookland Tavern to check out The Olivia Tremor Control.

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 10
These guys!!!

While there, I suffered the harrowing experience of realizing I was probably the oldest person in the room (Eeep!!!).  I don’t know why all those extremely young hipsters were there to see a band from the 90’s, any more than I know how I’ve become that person who is constantly thinking critically about the posture of those younger than me.   :/ Thankfully, a mom of one of the opening bands showed up, thus relieving my burden of Bar Elder.  🙂

After the show, I headed over to Art Bar for a tasty Carolina Veggie Dog!  🙂

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 11
Rawr! Dog! 🙂
Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top 12
The lovely Liz, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂

Fun times!



Day 296: Forest Fairy Dress: A T-shirt to Dress Refashion
Day 294: A Sea Foam Dream Dress to Jacket Refashion