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Day 30: Stenographer Dress

Day 31: Window Shopping Dress
Day 29: Water Park Tee

Today’s dress began its life looking like this:

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 2
Whoa Nelly!

It actually began looking worse than this, as it had tons of coffee stains all down the front that took several washings to get out.  Don’t worry.  I’m gonna fix this.  🙂

First off, I removed that neck tie thingy with my seam ripper.

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 3
Buh Bye!

And those sleeves?  Gone!

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 4
Chop and Chop!

Then, I took in the sides a good bit.  This actually ended up taking a couple of tries to get it fitted juuuust right.  No biggie.  It’s much better to not take in enough and have to do it again than to take in too much and have to unpick your seam.

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 5
Day 30: Stenographer Dress 6

Now my new dress was beginning to take shape. 🙂

I decided to turn the front of this dress into the back of the dress and vice versa.  The button-down front didn’t have quite enough fabric for what I had in mind.

I did a bit more cutting to completely change the neckline.  Do you see where I’m going here yet?

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 7
Changing it up!

I pinned down my raw edges, except for the very top of my dress.

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 8
Pinny Pinny!

I sewed my raw edges down, and then made a casing for my new halter dress.  🙂

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 9

Yay!  Almost done!  I sewed the raw edges of the neck tie thingy back in and used it to tie my new halter dress!  🙂

Day 30: Stenographer Dress 10
Much Better!
Day 30: Stenographer Dress 11
The Back!

Look at the end of the sash that’s on the right.  See the safety-pin?  Yeah…that’s what I used to thread the sash into the casing.  I should have remembered to remove it (eep).  Luckily, my coworker told me about it at 3:00 in the afternoon, after I’d been sporting it all day.  Oy.  All this refashioning has made me scatterbrained!


Day 31: Window Shopping Dress
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