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Day 305: Scrap Bustin’ Coasters

Day 306: Damages Sweater
Day 304: Pregnant Pause: Maternity Overalls to Dress Refashion

When I woke up today, I felt icky and sore, with a fever and flu-like symptoms.  This was my first time being sick while single in a loooooong time.  :/  I forgot how miserable having to get up, put on clothes (because I still have some vestige of dignity, dammit!), and drive to the store to get meds and chicky noodle soup is when you’re sick.  It actually took me about three tries, as every time I’d try to get up, I immediately felt dizzy and decided I’d rather just lay down and feel miserable.  :/

I eventually managed to make it to the store and procure some loopy meds and snacks (yay!).  🙂

Still…I had to do a refashion today.  This is really the only one I could think of for my day spent cowering in the house.  I wanted to drink tons of fluids to try to get better, but I didn’t have any coasters to put my many glasses of water on….til now!

I grabbed a pair of ill-fitting, outdated pants that a pal passed on to me awhile back, and a scrap from a previous refashion.

Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters 2
Gathering supplies!

I used a post-it as a template to mark my squares on the lower part of the pants legs.

Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters 3
Tailor's Chalk is your pal!

Then I cut out 8 squares to make my 4 piece coaster set!

Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters 4
Coasting right along!

I pinned them together, and stitched them up!

Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters 5
inside-out, but only for a moment!

And now I have a swell set of coasters to rest my bevvies upon without damaging any furniture!

Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters 6
Don't sweat it! 🙂

Cheers!  🙂

Day 306: Damages Sweater
Day 304: Pregnant Pause: Maternity Overalls to Dress Refashion

5 thoughts on “Day 305: Scrap Bustin’ Coasters”

  1. You must have inspired me last night. I too was sick this week and as I was finally feeling better, I decided to bake some cookies. I didn’t have any oven mitts or pot holders, so I grabbed a shapeless and stained cotton sweater and turned it into a bunch of kitchen “thingies.” Cutting it up and taking it to the machine allowed for some double thickness that protects my hands when I want to grab something hot and there’s a bit of texture should I need to scrub something…I’ll bet that my grandmother would have done this without a thought, but nowadays, it might be blog-worthy.


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