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Day 306: Damages Sweater

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Today’s piece comes from Revente.  It’s a perfectly fine cozy cardi, right?

Day 306: Damages Sweater 2
Cute & Cozy!

Unfortunately, this Cardi is hiding something!

Day 306: Damages Sweater 3
Picks!  Holes!  The Horror!

There’s something else you need to know about this sweater, folks!

Day 306: Damages Sweater 4
Phillip Lim!!!!!! NEW! WITH FLIPPIN’ TAGS!!!!!!!!

If you click on this link, right here, you’ll see that the original retail price for this guy is $450WHOA.

So, this sweater has gone from being worth $450 to being worth $0, because it is damaged.

You’re gonna laugh when you see how easy the fix for this is!

Day 306: Damages Sweater 5
Snip One. Then Snip the Other!

I thought I’d have to add a hem, but this sweater is a super-tight knit that doesn’t fray!  Yay!  It did do a funky rolling thing where I made my cuts…

Day 306: Damages Sweater 6
On a roll!

But lookie lookie at those pockets!

Day 306: Damages Sweater 7
ALSO on a roll! 🙂

So, now my sleeves are nice & short (perfect for a SC Spring evening), they match other style elements on the sweater (the pockets), and this $450 sweater didn’t cost me a thing (huzzah)!  🙂

Day 306: Damages Sweater 8
Now those sleeves are Short & Sweet!

I wore my new sweater out to The Mediterranean Tea Room, where many noms were had!  🙂

Day 306: Damages Sweater 9
Yummmmm! Kofta Steak!!!!
Day 306: Damages Sweater 10
It pairs well with a Pinot Grigio too!

Cheers!  🙂

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Day 305: Scrap Bustin' Coasters

7 thoughts on “Day 306: Damages Sweater”

  1. Things we cannot “fix” at Revente go into a bag for Jillian. Why toss it when it can be refashioned?

    • I’m soooooo happy that more and more stores are donating damaged goods to people who can save them, rather than tossing them out! It would have been a shame to lose this one!


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