Day 309:  3 Step Dress 1
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Day 309: 3 Step Dress

Day 310: Crawfish Fest Top
Day 308: Flit & Flirt Dress

Here’s a no-sew fix that will work really well with most button-up old lady dresses for this summer!  🙂

Step 1:  Find an old lady dress in a print you really like that at least kind of fits you.

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 2
This one was made by “Avon Fashions”!

Step 2:  Tuck in the collar, and button up your dress as much as you can, but with the neckline under your arms.

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 3
It’s this easy, folks! 🙂

Step 3:  Tie those arms in front of you to cinch the waist!

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 4
Make it snug! This is what’s holding up your dress!

I triple-knotted mine, and tucked the ends of the sleeves in to give it a sort of rosette look.

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 5
That’s it!

I wore my new dress to the Columbia Museum of Art for their monthly Arts & Draughts event!  🙂

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 6
Culture Vultures! 🙂
Day 309:  3 Step Dress 7
A decent crowd!
Day 309:  3 Step Dress 8
This tree is just nifty! 🙂

My pals and I really enjoyed checking out this new exhibit:

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 9
Chairs: Keeping butts happy since…well…whenever! 😀

Sadly, I couldn’t take any pics of any of the chairs (big museum no no!), but you should really try to check this out!

I was happy to run into the awesome Ceramics Artist, Marilee Hall, who was in town visiting with her swell fella!  🙂

Day 309:  3 Step Dress 10
Me & Marilee! 🙂

Such a fine night!




Day 310: Crawfish Fest Top
Day 308: Flit & Flirt Dress


  • nenamatahari

    I love your creations. You’re lucky you have small boobs. Those of us who are busty have a lot more pinning and extra darts to make and therefore it’s a lot trickier to refashion for busty girls.

  • Sheryl

    Hi! I ran into one of your pins on Pinterest last night that led me to your blog and I’m hooked! Been reading since. You are so creative! I am very new to sewing but I’m learning that I like it! I love to re-fashion/ re-purpose/ upcycle clothes. Thank you for giving inspiration to people like me! So glad I found your blog 🙂

  • bakerjac

    I discovered your blog yesterday and went through your whoooole archives! Love it! Then I went thrifting this morning, found a few pieces that I was super excited about re-doing, came home and *lost my nerve*. I think the things I bought were TOO beautiful for a first attempt at refashioning/altering. I’m scared I’ll just ruin them! (Like a mint condition black & red Chinese silk jacket. Only $10, and the only problem is that it’s too big through the middle. I’d hate to wreck it!!)

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