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Day 316: Bijou Dress

Day 317: Gotta Have Friends Dress
Day 315: Of Greater Fortuny: Dress to Strapless Top Refashion

Fans of Mad Men will see absolutely no similarities between this

Day 316: Bijou Dress 2
Sort of look likes a choir robe, doesn’t it?

and Megan’s dress from the Season 5 premiere.

Day 316: Bijou Dress 3
Singing a sultry version of Zou Bisou Bisou! 🙂

Just bear with me okay?  🙂

I was inspired by the Bijou dress, and decided I wanted my own!  I got started by removing those massive shoulder pads.

Day 316: Bijou Dress 4
Buh-bye! 🙂

Next, I snipped off those wrist cuffs to make the sleeves nice & flowy!

Day 316: Bijou Dress 5
Amputation is in order!

Then I treated the edges with this stuff:

Day 316: Bijou Dress 6
Be warned…this stuff makes a mess!

I could have hemmed the edges, but that would have made the ends of my sleeves heavy, making them not drape very nicely!

Now it was time to get this dress into shape!  Megan’s dress is sexy & fitted, and mine needs to be both of these things as well!  🙂

Day 316: Bijou Dress 7
Fitting on the dress form!
Day 316: Bijou Dress 8
Pinning those sleeves!

I ran each side through my machine…

Day 316: Bijou Dress 9

I trimmed off the extra fabric, then got to work on the length!

Day 316: Bijou Dress 10

I hemmed the bottom raw edge…but I still wasn’t completely happy with the fit.  I really wanted it to be a bit tighter, but didn’t have enough time to put it under the needle again.  :/  I grabbed my fave brooch and used it to cinch the fabric around my waist just a tad more.  This broke up the fuchsia a bit, too!

Whaddyathink?  🙂

Day 316: Bijou Dress 11
I think Don Draper would be pleased! 😉

I wore my slinky new frock for my dear pal Erin’s birthday dinner.  🙂

Day 316: Bijou Dress 12
I spy a birthday girl! 🙂
Day 316: Bijou Dress 13
You gotta have friends! 🙂

Afterwards, I made the rounds to a few other fun places.  😉

Day 316: Bijou Dress 14
I have no idea what that thing on his head is!
Day 316: Bijou Dress 15
This is what happens when you tell people “Act like you’re talking!” for a photo. 🙂
Day 316: Bijou Dress 16
Ron is nicely camouflaged!
Day 316: Bijou Dress 17
The painting compliments my dress oh so well! 🙂
Day 316: Bijou Dress 18
I kinda wanna steal Molly’s sweet hat!
Day 316: Bijou Dress 19


Day 317: Gotta Have Friends Dress
Day 315: Of Greater Fortuny: Dress to Strapless Top Refashion

21 thoughts on “Day 316: Bijou Dress”

  1. Also–What a transformation! Your finished dress reminds me of something Jeannie would wear for a special night-out with Master on I Dream of Jeannie. Mod-eriffic!

  2. Have you considered buying a rolled-hem foot for your machine? It helps make tiny hems for lightweight fabric like this. Another option would be doing a zig-zag or similar stitch along the raw edge. 🙂

  3. I was wrong… yesterday i wrote the jacket was my fave out of the whole blog but you have outdone yourself…. this is my fave!! Awesome.

  4. I seriously think this could be my favoritw. although, you have a lot of great refashes… i dunno….this one is friggin awesome!!!

  5. You are so inspiring. Reading your blog makes me want to remake stuff all the time. I pulled an old jacket from my Goodwill pile and took it in the same way you did this dress. It came out great, and I have you to thank.


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