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Day 328: Crankypants Dress

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I absolutely hate that clothing like this has come into fashion.  🙁

Day 328: Crankypants Dress 2
Jammies belong in the bedroom…and NOWHERE else!!!!

I see this all the time when I’m driving through USC’s campus or at the grocery store.  Scads and scads of young women with their hair and makeup done…but wearing loungewear in public!  Color me old-fashioned, but I think we all owe it to the people we interact with every day to look as nice as we possibly can.  By being properly frocked for my day, I’m showing my respect and esteem for the people around me (Keep in mind that most of my ideas/standards are pretty flippin’ ridiculous).  Plus, looking nice puts me in a good mood.  🙂

These pants have so much potential!  I’ve gotten over my hatred of the color pink, and actually like how I look in the once-despised hue.  🙂  Plus, these loungy pants are made of…CASHMERE!!!!!!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  Hooray for luxury!!!!

I knew I didn’t want to keep these guys as pants, so I started snipping away the inner leg and crotch seams.

Day 328: Crankypants Dress 3
Don’t worry! It’s really tight-knit and it won’t fray! 🙂

After I snipped, I saw the reason these pants ended up in my custody:  They were riddled with teensy holes.  :/

Day 328: Crankypants Dress 4

I put the pants on my dress form, and began pinning them into a dress shape!

Day 328: Crankypants Dress 5
Taking shape! 🙂

Then, I stitched the pinned seams down!

Day 328: Crankypants Dress 6
A slightly different whirrrrrrrrrr angle! 😉

I trimmed off the excess material, saving one long bit to use as a sash. I really lucked out with this refash, as all the little holes were only on the fabric that was snipped away!  🙂

Now those lackluster lounge pants are a pretty beach coverup dress for an awesome Karaoke Cabana Night!  🙂

Day 328: Crankypants Dress 7
Loving being encased in Caaaaahshmere! 🙂
Day 328: Crankypants Dress 8
Evelyn likes to go out in style too! 🙂
Day 328: Crankypants Dress 9
Patrick looks like every mean rich guy in every 80’s teen movie ever made!
Day 328: Crankypants Dress 10
Buds! 🙂
Day 328: Crankypants Dress 11
BadFoto. 🙁
Day 328: Crankypants Dress 12
Get in the pool!!!! 🙂

Cheers!  🙂

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13 thoughts on “Day 328: Crankypants Dress”

  1. This has to be one of my favorites so far… One, I know you have an aversion to pink, but that shade is YOUR COLOR allllll dayyyy. Also, who else would have thought of turning ugly track pants into a chic cocktail dress??? I know this was one you did 8 years ago (I’m sending 2012 Jillian this message from the fuuUUuuTuuUrRe of 2020) but I’ve followed your blog from the beginning and thought I should revisit these older posts. Now that I’m stuck inside (thanks covid-19) this has inspired me to refashion a bunch of, shall we say, “unfortunate” garments I’ve held on to for too long. Thanks for the inspo, and keep creating please! We love to see what you come up with!

  2. They aren’t pj’s they’re sweats, which if you’re being active are perfectly fine to leave the house in, even if doing a few chlores. But as a fashion statement, I agree I never liked the look, especially combined with full makeup and hairdo. I have no problem with people who leave home without their hair done up and just a clean face, and feel sweats require that too, preferably the hair in a pony or something. But I think otherwise this looks ridiculous, especially with fake jewels and such.
    I also won’t judge anyone who may be in a hurry, like a mom, for not being dressed up, but it’s another story to just quit caring and always be unkempt. That’s just more sad to me though.
    Cashmere sweats are odd! But then so is a cashmere summer halter.

  3. When I was younger, I hated the color pink. Now I love it! It’s my favorite color!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who jumped on the pink bandwagon later than some girls! Love you Jillian!!

  4. nice job with the refashion.
    my momma taught me at an early age that you do not leave the house unless you’re putting your best foot forward – hair fixed, make-up on, dressed appropriately. it amazes me how many people – friends and coworkers included – think it’s perfectly okay to go out in public literally looking like they just rolled out of bed. they think i’m the odd duck.

  5. It looks like it’s working for you but I wonder how much you will wear this. Cashmere is warm, soft, and wonderful when it’s chilly out, but that’s not when you want to go sleeveless. You can always add another layer, but if you get another nice cashmere piece, maybe you can do something that’s creative with a couple different colors and some sort of sleeve.

  6. Hoorray for former-loungewear cashmere maxi dresses!
    I hear you about having standards! My house is in a relatively smart neighbourhood, but my old place was a in a very different area, and I used to see this all the time. Women in PJs -and sometimes nightgowns and rollers!- walking their kids to school!! Someone said to me once: “It’s not difficult: if you could sleep in it, you shouldn’t leave the house in it!”.

    • My thoughts exactly! Neighbor wears pjs to drop her kids off at school every morning, and when I get home from work she is still in them. YUCK! Must be nice to be a stay at home mom, but for the love of yourself get dressed! Grosses me out, the thought of sleeping in something all night and then wearing it the whole next day *shivers*.

      Good job on the refashion!

      • Buh! Stay at home mom is not nice! So boring! Unless I plan on leaving the house I go from sleep pjs to new pjs. Although I have some things I think I’m going to give a Jillian go at! (I’m also a student thus not wanting a job at the moment!) I agree that getting dressed makes me feel more motivated in wanting to leave the house. Taking kids to school in pjs? No! If they aren’t wearing them why would I?!


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