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Day 33: A Royal Skirt

Day 34: Gladiator Dress
Day 32: Happy Headband

I was quite pleased with how I was able to use almost every scrap from a dress in yesterday’s piece.  🙂  I decided to do it again, because No-Waste refashions are the best kind!

No Waste = Nothing in the landfill!  🙂

Hopefully you remember the royal blue dress from Day 14.

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 2
I'm not very fun. 🙁

You might also remember how I turned it into a fun cape/jacket!  🙂

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 3
Much better.

But what about the bottom part?  Was I just going to toss it out?

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 4
What about that bottom part?

Oh no.  Oh heck no!

When I detached the top from the bottom of the dress, I left about an inch of fabric over the elastic waistband of the skirt.  There was a reason for this.  🙂

I took the skirt, and ran it through my machine, keeping the elastic stretched while sewing the 1″ edge over on the inside.

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 5
Don't sew over your digits!

I didn’t pin it or anything, as I thought pins would just get in the way.  I just sewed slowly and carefully, since my little fingers were quite close to the needle.

Now I have a long & lovely pleated skirt!

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 6
I feel pretty!

Because I’m a mind reader, I know some of you are wishing I had shortened the skirt.  😉 But I think the longer length really makes it.  I’ve been seeing a lot of long pleated skirts coming out lately, including this one by Tibi:

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 7
That'll be $297.

This isn’t a trend that’s really hit the East Coast yet (we’re kind of slow), but it’s one I reallllly like!  Since there are so many vintage pleated skirts and dresses in thrift stores, anybody can rock this look.  🙂

Day 33: A Royal Skirt 8
Happy Dance!


Day 34: Gladiator Dress
Day 32: Happy Headband

3 thoughts on “Day 33: A Royal Skirt”

  1. I think you’ll be right on trend next spring.
    This year in England one of the very fashionable shops stocked this skirt length and sold out very quickly. Only the fashion-forward bought them, but I think they’ll be everywhere next year.
    You are very gifted – I would never have worked out what to do with the original outfit.


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