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Day 336: Into the Garden: A House Dress to Top Refashion

Day 337: An Art Collector's '90s Collared Dress Refashion
Day 335: Turtleneck Skirt

Holy Housedress, Batman!  :/

Day 336: Into the Garden: A House Dress to Top Refashion 3

You’re looking at a rather oversized house dress I scored for $1.  It’s label read “Smart Time” (?). 

The smartest thing I could think of to do with frumptastic piece (with a fun summer print…I must admit) was to turn it into a fun top.  🙂

First, I took it in 4″.  My sewing machine has been a bit wonky lately.  I keep having to adjust the upper and lower thread tension every time I use it.  Anybody know what that’s about?

Day 336: Into the Garden: A House Dress to Top Refashion 4

Then, I lopped off that bottom tier!  🙂

Day 336: Into the Garden: A House Dress to Top Refashion 5

And that’s it!  Now I have a fun summer top that pairs well with my GINORMOUS red shades!  🙂

Day 336: Into the Garden: A House Dress to Top Refashion 6
I look like a fly in my big shades, but I love them all the same! 🙂


House Dress to Top Refashion before and after
Day 337: An Art Collector's '90s Collared Dress Refashion
Day 335: Turtleneck Skirt

14 thoughts on “Day 336: Into the Garden: A House Dress to Top Refashion”

  1. Stinkin’ phone! That’s going to be my excuse from now on for every mistake I make. 😉
    See, sew. Interchangeable, right? And so are all the other mistakes I keep making when I write on tiny screens I can only see bits of at a time. Sigh!

  2. I’m guessing you’ve squatted away the machine thing, and it could be many things. If you don’t have a manual, there’s probably one online with a page in trouble shooting. If not, there’s most likely someone else who’s put it or there. And I also believe had a free class in basic sewing that probably includes that info.
    But it could be it needs cleaning. You also should oil it every 8 hrs of sewing, same thing worth changing your needle. But since those are impossible to tell for sure, I just go until those seem to need an update. And you oil only one drop wherevermetal touches metal, then see scraps to run it through, to it comes out clean, withoutoil in stitches.
    Or it could be a burr, on either your needle or your bobbin. If you get what’s called a green stick, you can file it down in the bobbin, amd even the needle–but that’s ONLY recommended if really in a pinch. And be sure you only file in the one direction, against the bike. Burr.
    You can feel burrs on your finger by running it against the point. It should be smooth and not catch. And you can only file it down so mamy times before needing a new one, so be cautious!
    Also, a really fine grade sand paper will do the same as a green stick.
    There are other things too. I say check out the free class. That one I know is professional, and many tutorials are hard to say, and could tell you something that could hurt your machine.

    I’ve been following your blog since…TODAY WOOT

    I have re-made a couple of my old things, and my husbands old things for our kids (we have three, and they grow out of clothes so fast I don’t like buying new stuff for them!!) I never know exactly what to do with a piece for myself, but now…thanks to your blog I know what I’ll do with a dress I bought a while back… I fell in love with the fabric, I just didn’t know what I’d do with it!

  4. I love this top. How do I go about purchasing from Reventes Last call? I live in California. I tried contacting them, but havent received a reply. Thank you!

  5. I am amazed you managed to save this one, I nearly swore when I saw the before picture!
    About the issue with the thread tension: if your machine does not come with a table / cabinet: have you recently changed the surface it sits on? Has something happened to that surface, is it level?

    Same applies to table / cabinet machines, is everything straight? Are you oiling regularly?
    I am sure you have already thought about all these, but these checks usually do the trick with mine, which is an old, all-metal, semi-industrial machine.

    • Funny. I did swear. Then showed my husband the before. He thought it was the after and claimed disaster. Then I showed him the after and he swore. Nicely done!

  6. When my tension gets wonky it means that I have to clean my machine. Especially the bobbin area. Take out the bobbin and as much else as you can from that area. Vacuum it out and then clean it with the small brush that came with the machine or a small paintbrush to remove the lint.


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