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Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts!

Day 341: I dip, you dip, we dip! Dress
Day 339: Miss Fix It Dress

I agree wholeheartedly with this T-shirt!  🙂

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 2
I concur! 🙂

Hip chicks most certainly do do wine.  🙂  However, this hip chick doesn’t do ill-fitting T-shirts!  I could have just taken it in to make it more fitted, but I really didn’t feel like wearing a tee today.

It’s skirt city for this one!  🙂  I snipped off the collar of the tee oh-so-carefully!

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 3
Snippity Snip!

Then I pinned the sides in a bit.

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 4
Just like this!

I stitched each side down…

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 5

…and cut off the excess fabric (including the sleeves).

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 6

Now that blah tee is a cute & sexy skirt!

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 7
This Hip Chick is currently doing a nice Chardonnay! 🙂

Oh…and check out the back!  🙂

Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts! 8
In case you didn’t get the message the first time! 😉


Day 341: I dip, you dip, we dip! Dress
Day 339: Miss Fix It Dress

15 thoughts on “Day 340: Hip Chicks do T-shirt Skirts!”

  1. Hey this is the Winegoddess of Hip Chicks do Wine, one of the owners and winemakers. We love how you took a plain ole tee and repurposed it into a sexy cute skirt! We especially love all of our hip chick fans who have sent us links to your post. Now, if only you had some Hip Chick wine in this picture…..

  2. When you hem items, do you just measure, say 2 inches up from the existing hem? Or do you see how it hangs on the dress form or on you and pin it that way? I find the second method difficult to do well, but the first method sometimes gives less than desirable results.

    • Since everyone is shaped differently, Jillian’s way may not work as well on you. If you have it fitted, all but the length, and it falls evenly on you, then all you’d need to do is trim it the desired length plus any hem allowance.
      If it doesn’t hang right though, then you’ll need to measure from the floor up with a tape measure, marking in enough places so you can cut it right (with chalk or pins), and generally you’d make it a tad longer in back–maybe an inch? And meet up with the length so it looks smooth.
      Then check it to make sure it works before cutting it, and that you kept the yard stick even. You can pin it first if need be, but that will take even longer, yet not much.
      If you have issues still, see if you can’t find someone to mark it for you. You can swap something out for the help.

    • Oh, and since this one isn’t hemmed, but smartly uses the existing one, the measuring/taking up, would be done at the top waist area. You’d fit it so it holds up there, making your hem even while doing so.

    • How cool that you guys found this post with your wine being unknowingly advertised! I’m in the PNW (Seattle area) so I’ll totally be checking that out 🙂

    • Hip Chicks also has a tasting room in Newberg, OR…it’s about 10 miles from where we live and their wine is GREAT! So cool to stumble across a local place randomly on a blog like that!

  3. Haha I need that shirt! And some wine….. 😉

    Did you do any thing to the top? I’ve made 2 of these, the first I wore exactly like this for awhile, then added a thin band and drawstring. The second one I used an elastic band.
    I also just added ruffles to both, I wear them A LOT, my fave things I’ve made so far 🙂


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