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Day 343: Fab Foodie Dress from Housedress Refashion

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I’ve had today’s piece for quite a while.  I really wasn’t quite sure what I’d be able to do with it!  :/

fab foodie housedress refashion before
See what I mean? You’d be intimidated too!

By the way, don’t let that fence behind me fool ya.  My neighbors can totally see me when I do my before pics outside.  They probably think I’m insane!  🙂

Anywho…back to this insane muumuu/housedress!  I chose it for its cute foodie print.  🙂

fun foodie print up close
Yum! 🙂

The blousy fit of this housedress wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I decided to take it in from the back. 

On my dress form it went!

pinned back of dress

Then, I sewed a single seam down my pinned line.

Day 343: Fab Foodie Dress from Housedress Refashion 1

I snipped off the extra fabric.

snipping off excess fabric

Okay…so now my new dress is looking less like something I’d only wear to putz around the house and more like something I’d actually wear out and about! 

But, I still needed to hike up the length a good bit more.

I folded my new hem under twice, pinned it, and then ran it through my sewing machine.

sewing hem of dress
Chop & Hem! 🙂

Check that wonky muumuu/housedress out now!  🙂

Dress from Housedress Refashion after
Such a fun little frock! 🙂
fun foodie housedress refashion after
Now I just need to wear it to the grocery store! 🙂

This comfy cotton dress is just the thing for a hot SC day!  🙂

Dress from Housedress Refashion after close up
Fun with filters! 🙂


refashionista fun foodie housedress refashion before and after
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21 thoughts on “Day 343: Fab Foodie Dress from Housedress Refashion”

  1. So cute!!! Love it ! Very flattering! I made something from material 30 years ago, back in my thirties, that was very similar to this. At that time food prints were very popular. I enjoy your posts. Always creative.

      • Maybe I’m just dense when it comes to sewing but I how did you get this dress to look gathered or almost pleated around the waist? Is it just from taking it in?

        and what kind of dress form do you use?

        • The are online tutorials on how to make a dress form, but they can’t be refitted. You take close footing junk clothes, like leggings that don’t suck you in (check thrift stores if you dont have a snagged or ugly pair, and a thin fabric tee that’s not bunched.
          Then you get a friend to tape around your covered areas, and VERY CAREFULLY, cut a slit down, releasing you. (So wear bra and undies or it will be real embarrassing!)
          You then stuff it and tape the cut area back up.
          Oh, you can just do the top, but you might want the legs too, which I say bite the bullet and get it all done.
          Or maybe you could buy one from a fabric store, or find a used one on Craigslist???

  2. I’ve just started reading your blog and you have really inspired me!! I’ve been going through my wardrobe to see what I can change up. I have a cotton muumuu that is shaped very similarly to this before shot- I wore it as a Halloween costume as Mrs. Roper a couple of years ago. It’s been just hanging in my closet and now I know how to attack it to turn it into something cute!

  3. Love your refashioned fashions. You have inspired me to redo several items, including a purse, that I never would have considered attempting. Keep up the fun!

  4. I love it, I was almost hoping you’d make it into a tablecloth 😉 it just reminds me of a picnic. Fortunately you saved it from a terrible fate and made it great!

  5. ok, so you inspire me! and i love your blog. please keep up what you’re doing! 🙂 I’m never short of amazed with what you do with things i think are “ugly” and make them so cute!!


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