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Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases

Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress
Day 343: Fab Foodie Dress from Housedress Refashion

As you guys know by now, I’m in hardcore Get My New Abode Looking Nice Mode!  🙂  While unpacking, I uncovered these pillowcases I bought crazy madcakes on sale.

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 2
Mmmmm! Egyptian Cotton! 🙂

I love how nice & soft these are, but as you can see, cream pillowcases on a mostly white duvet aren’t exactly exciting.   :/  Life is too short for boring bedding, my friends!

I reached for a box of dye…

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 3
This hue shall do!

…and prepared a wee dye bath in a pitcher.

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 4
Come on in! The water’s fine!

I wadded up my pillowcases and shoved them in!

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 5
Now we play the waiting game!

I left the cases in their bath for an hour without touching them at all.  Then I tossed them in my washing machine for a rinse.

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 6
Almost done! 🙂

After a quick dry, my new pillowcases are ready for my boudoir!

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 7
So funky! 🙂

I love the awesome batikish way these came out!  They’re perfect for my new space!  🙂

Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases 8
I sleep here!

Cheers!  🙂

Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress
Day 343: Fab Foodie Dress from Housedress Refashion

10 thoughts on “Day 344: Perfect Pillowcases”

  1. I LOVE how your mattress is on the floor, but you still have a headboard!!! I’ve read the whole year (so far) in the past two days! Your talent is astounding, and has inspired me to learn how to sew, and make new things to wear from the buckets and buckets of clothing I have in my basement while I lose weight after my 2nd child is born in August. Thanks for your blog. It’s very “awesome-sauce”!!

    • Thanks! I actually bought an old headboard from Goodwill, spray painted it, and added the gold detailing myself! I think it classes up the whole “sad mattress on a floor” look a good bit! 😉

      • I love the headboard! Also, perhaps I’m weird (well, no perhaps about it, but hopefully in a good way;) ), but I prefer a mattress on the floor. There’s something cozy about it.


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