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Day 352: Blue Cove Dress

Day 353: Keep it Going Top
Day 351: Egyptian Papyrus Skirt to Dress Refashion

I must admit, I looooove the $1 a pound Goodwill!  🙂 Once you get over the fact that you’re digging through bins of soiled clothing (this is where latex gloves come in handy) while badly behaved children throw things at you (I’m too big of a wuss to confront them about this), you realize that you’re getting a huge bin ‘o refashionables for One Dollar a Pound!!!!

This top is one of such finds!  🙂

Day 352: Blue Cove Dress 2
Don’t fret! I wash everything before I start working on it! 🙂

This was a phenomenally easy one, folks!  I buttoned the shirt up, tucked the collar in, and tied the sleeves together in the front.

And look!

Day 352: Blue Cove Dress 3
A snazzy dress for about 50 cents? Heck yeah! 🙂

I wore my cute new frock to Cellar on Greene for a wine tasting with friends!  🙂

Day 352: Blue Cove Dress 4
Extended-Arm Group Photography…not such a great idea if you’re short! :/
Day 352: Blue Cove Dress 5
Seriously…don’t even try it, ok? 🙂


Day 353: Keep it Going Top
Day 351: Egyptian Papyrus Skirt to Dress Refashion

9 thoughts on “Day 352: Blue Cove Dress”

  1. Do you have any tips on finding a dollar-per-pound thrift shop in other places? A quick search says that there is only one about 3 hours away from my locale.

  2. I have spent hours going through all your post since discovering you last week on Pinterest. I refashioned 3 sweaters into cardigan’s so far and today just ordered myself a dress form to start attacking some dress makeovers.

  3. Doesn’t even look like the original shirt…amazing!!!! and tieing short sleeves to boot. Absolutely adorable!!!
    I’ve been following you daily for months now and I’m worried about what I’ll do with all my free time when you’ve reached day 365. Whatever will I look forward to each day…:/


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