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Day 358: Ruffled Dress Refashion

Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress
Day 357: Grown-Up Enough: DIY Asymmetrical Top Refashion

Today’s dress comes all the way from Saudi Arabia! 

Anita bought it from a second-hand bazaar with the intention of refashioning it for herself and then decided that those ruffles just weren’t for her.

ruffled dress refashion before
Ruffles Galore! 🙂

I was actually pretty stoked about this one, folks!  I love the ruffles and that bright red hue! 🙂

This ruffled dress still needed a bit of work though. 

First, I trimmed off those sleeves.

trimming off sleeves

Then, I pinned each side on my dress form to get it more fitted.

ruffled dress pinned on dress form
Shaping up!

I ran each side through my machine.

sewing side of dress

For my grand finale, I used one of the leftover scraps from the sides as a sash to break up the lines of the ruffles a bit.

And I must say…I love it!  🙂

ruffled dress refashion after
Lady in Red!
ruffled dress refashion after
I heart these ruffles! 🙂

Cheers!  And Much Thanks to Anita for sending me this fabu frock!  🙂

refashionista ruffled dress refashion before and after
Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress
Day 357: Grown-Up Enough: DIY Asymmetrical Top Refashion

19 thoughts on “Day 358: Ruffled Dress Refashion”

  1. love you and this idea. but what the heck do you do that you are out drinking every night??? cause thats what i need to be doing!!

  2. This “lady in red” dress is SUPER cute – how great and creative are you!?! I could never do anything like this, but I’m impressed by those who do. Just wanted to say I found your site through Pinterest and I think what you do is really cool! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. I saw a link on Pinterest and thought that the name of your blog was enough to interest me and I must say, I am not disappointed at all! This project of yours is amazing and I feel a little inspired now to try some of your techiniques for myself. Thanks! I can’t wait to see what else you can do.

    PS–I am adding you to my blog roll so that my readers can see you too!

  4. So, I came across a link to your blog from a pin on Pinterest…. I have spent the last two days reading every blog post all the way back to day 8 (it just stopped there for some reason). (I’m not a total slacker…. took the week off for a staycation). I’m really impressed!! I love(d) your ideas and my all time favorite was the t-shirts into shopping bags! What a groovy idea! (Yes, I did just use groovy in a sentence.) I am a HUGE thrifter…. since I live in good ol’ Alabama, one of my absolute favorite places to shop is America’s Thrift Stores (was once Alabama thrift, but apparently they are going nationwide). Anyway, you have inspired me to no end… I’m a seamstress too, and I love, love your ideas! Oh, and your sashes rock! 🙂


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