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Day 362: Mairi Shrug

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Today’s piece comes from a land down under!  And yes – You’d better run.  You’d better take cover!  🙂

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 2
What the what?!?!

You haven’t even seen the best part yet!

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 3
because removing your bloomers to go to relieve yourself is such a hassle!

I pretty much died laughing when I opened Mairi’s package.  She certainly gave me quite a challenge!  🙂

Alright…as I’m not into Victorian Cosplay, these unmentionables were going to require a complete overhaul!

First, I reached into my dye stash and pulled out this:

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 4
They call me Mellow Yellow!

Into a nice, hot bath of dye the bloomers went!

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 5
Things are looking brighter already! 🙂

After a rinse & dry, I realized that dyeing this in the machine had a negative consequence.  :/

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 6
I should have dyed these in the sink instead. :/

Thee good news was, not all of the lace was damaged, just the outer layer.  Not a terrible thing.  I went ahead and chopped it off from both legs.  I went ahead and snipped off those back ties while I was at it.

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 7

I took the waist band, doubled it over, and pinned it together inside-out.

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 8
Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

A quick bit of stitchery followed.

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 9

Now those weirdo bloomers are a fun & funky shrug!  🙂

Day 362: Mairi Shrug 10
Perfect for a sweltering SC day! 🙂
Day 362: Mairi Shrug 11
Super Light & Comfy!
Day 362: Mairi Shrug 12
You’d never guess what this used to be! 😉

Thanks so much for sending this crazy thing my way, Mairi!!!!  🙂


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