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Day 363: All the Angles Strapless Dress Refashion

Day 364: All Tied Up Top
Day 362: Mairi Shrug

When I found today’s dress at one of my fave $1 thrift stores,  I was stoked!  Check out the amazeballs print! 

All the Angles Strapless Dress Refashion before
The shoulder pads are slightly less than amazeballs,

You’re looking at a totally 80’s shoulderpadded number that desperately needs a facelift!  Time for a Nip/Tuck!

First, I made a big chop!

cutting off top of dress

Then, I took in the whole thing about 2″ on each side.

dress on ironing board
Pin, then Sew! 🙂

After cutting off the excess material, I folded the top raw edge over twice and stitched it down, leaving about a 1″ gap.  This is where I’m going to insert some elastic.

sewing top of dress

After digging through my stash, I realized I was all out of elastic!  Ugh!  And I was soooo not in the mood to make a last-minute craft store run!  :/

Then I remembered this leftover scrap from the strapless top I refashioned from a dress on Day 315!

skirt scrap
You shall be sacrificed!

I cut off the elastic waistband…

cutting elastic
Why didn’t I think of this before????

I threaded the elastic through the dress’ new casing…

adding elastic to dress
Thread it!

Then, I stitched the two ends together, as well as the 1″ gap I left to insert the elastic through.

sewing end of elastic
Closing up shop!

Now that dress is ready for a fun night of Karaoke with friends!   🙂

all the angles strapless dress refashion after
From Sad to Sassy! 🙂
all the angles strapless dress refashion after 2
My shoes are pretty sweet, too! 😉
jillian and friend
The PBR tall boy in her hair really ties the whole look together! 😉
jillian and friend at bar
Hey, LA! 🙂

I would love to say that my dress was the most stylish thing I saw tonight, but this simply wouldn’t be true.

friend in squid hat
This hat beats a cute dress any day! 🙂
jillian in squid hat
It really completes my ensemble! 🙂
jillian in squid hat with friend
The right accessories make a difference, y’all! 🙂


refashionista Day 363: All the Angles Strapless Dress Refashion before and after

Day 364: All Tied Up Top
Day 362: Mairi Shrug

22 thoughts on “Day 363: All the Angles Strapless Dress Refashion”

  1. I love what you’ve done with it. The print is really fun and I think it would work any way you played with it.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog today on pinterest and I am blown away by your creativity! I can’t believe you’ve done a new article every day for a year; you are an inspiration!!

  3. What’s all this leaving talk??? I’m too obsessed with your projects, keep inspiring us, we need you!!

    Those mustache glasses are FANTASTIC, I think I can pull off making some xD

    And the squid hat. I’m a sucker for Adult Swim, it reminds me of Squidbillies xD

  4. I was just introduced to your blog through my sister-in-law! You are so amazing! I am devastated though that you are on day. 363. :’-(

  5. I just started reading your blog started at the beginning… and whipped through them all to this point in 2 days… very impressive… and I find myself intrigued by the story that you are living along the way… sad there are only 2 more days left! hope your story has its happy ending….

  6. That really should not have worked out so well! Fabulous as always. Two more entries to go, Jillian. WIll you please continue after that!?


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