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Day 364: All Tied Up Top

Day 365: Kitschy Dress
Day 363: All the Angles Strapless Dress Refashion

Today’s piece isn’t exactly fashion-forward, but it has sparkles to spare!

Day 364: All Tied Up Top 2
Seriously. You want some sparkles? Because I’ve got plllleeeeenty!

Alright.  The only thing I like about this top is the subtle glittery print.  Time for some serious choppage!

Day 364: All Tied Up Top 3
Choppity Chop!

You can see how I’ve laid out one of my best-fitting tanks as a template for the shape of my future top.  Are you wondering why I’ve left so much room on the sides?  🙂

Day 364: All Tied Up Top 4
Step 2!

I cut a bunch of 1″ish strips down each side, then tied them together!

Day 364: All Tied Up Top 5
All tied up!

This is an extremely easy no-sew solution for any of your boring tops that are made of a fray-proof fabric!  🙂

Day 364: All Tied Up Top 6
It’s so easy! 🙂
Day 364: All Tied Up Top 7
Feelin’ the fringe! 🙂


Day 365: Kitschy Dress
Day 363: All the Angles Strapless Dress Refashion

24 thoughts on “Day 364: All Tied Up Top”

  1. Jillian, you are so much younger, thinner and prettier than me, but you do inspire me. I did a rendition of your all tied up top that I wore to a local little rodeo. I made it not too snug and added knotted straps The background was a rich knit covered in blingy stars and moons (gold). I wore a gold necklace with my name “Candy” and another longer gold necklace with a star. Gold hoop ear rings, corral trimmed boots and Miss me jeans completed the look. I know some friends got pictures and I will post them. I feel liked I was an acceptably dressed grandmother at this annual eventT My grandson rode in the grand entry and got second in mutton bustin. It was great night for our family. Thanks for you ideas and inspiration. You are amazing.

  2. Definitely one of my favorites!! I am a craftaholic and I like to try a little of everything and you have definitely inspired me to start sewing again and to actually have fun with it!

  3. I absolutely love your blog! Growing up I didn’t have a ton of extra money to spend on clothing so I would redo what I had to make it fresh! So much fun! I only wish I could work as quickly as you! I’m afraid I wouldn’t even get one garment done each week now! Very impressed, nice work!

  4. You’ve mentioned no fray fabric before, but its hard to tell what the fabric is from your pictures. What fabrics have you worked with that will not fray? Thanks for your ideas, I can’t wait to try them out!

  5. Thats soooo cute! At first I was thinking it was gonna b like a swing top… But then the sides threw me off n then it became strapless….VIOLA! I was pleasantly surprised indeed… I hv sooo many ideas but nvr really learned to sew! I think I’m gonna tk a class now cuz I hate the mall n looking lk err body else! Kp it up…. I’m watching girl…!

  6. Pretty color. Love the necklace with it too! Wish I could get away with strapless, but alas the “girls” are a little big and get in the way, lol!

  7. Love this one!!!!! Sure hope you’re at least going to give us something at least once a week! I hooked!!!! PLEASE don’t quit!!!

  8. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and it is incredibly inspiring. I just wanted to say thank you! You have definitely changed the way I think about fashion (refashion!). I wish I could send you a cake or a bouquet for you in honor of your 365th project!

  9. Wow that is amazing! One of my faves!
    I’m in Sweden and clothes are VERY expensive here, so I’m loving learning about things I can do. Thanks so much!!


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