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Day 4: Happy 4th!!!!

Day 5: I've never even been to Oxford
Day 3: Urban Re-doer

Today’s outfit is a bogo refashion.  🙂  I began with this pair of blue velvet pants.

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 2
She wore blue velvet...
Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 3
Anybody else thinking of this?

I probably would have kept these pants as-is and saved them for fall if it weren’t for one little problem.

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 4
Holey Moley!

I lopped off the legs and hemmed them under to make a rather fetching pair of velvet shorts for a hot and humid SC July day!  🙂

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 5
Feeling Patriotic!

I tossed on my favorite beaded necklace (that used to be my great-grandmother’s), a vintage scarf, and a sweet straw handbag I scored at a yard sale for a couple of bucks.

Oh…and does that shirt look hauntingly familiar?

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 6
Urban Re-do #2! 🙂

It’s identical to the one I wore yesterday!  It had a big black stain on one of the sleeves, so it got the same sleeve-removal treatment.

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 7
Stains McGee!

Fella and I celebrated the 4th (well, technically the 3rd) chilling in my friend Melissa L’s lovely backyard and porch with some lovely friends.

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 8
I'm in love with Mel's porch!
Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 9
Melissa's kitty, Tigger...because Tiggers are wonderful things!

We drank tasty white wine sangria, played cornhole (click on it…it’s not nearly as naughty as it sounds 😉 ), and relaxed before heading over to the stadium for the Columbia Blowfish Game and fireworks!

Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 10
It's Blowie and Blowie Jr.!
Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 11
Heading to the stadium with photographer, Jimmy Higgs!
Day 4: Happy 4th!!!! 12
Yay Blowfish!

Cheers!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!  🙂

Day 5: I've never even been to Oxford
Day 3: Urban Re-doer

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