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Day 52: Corn Goddess Dress/ A Challenging Challenge

Day 53: A Coveted Tee
Day 51: Tablecloth Dress to Two Piecer

Today’s refashion comes from my own closet.  🙂  I have owned this skirt since I was in Junior High (let’s not think about how long ago that was, ok?), and it has always been a favorite.  It’s a thrifted skirt from the 80’s.  It came with this hideous be-shoulderpadded blazer of the same hue (The blazer was left behind).

Day 52: Corn Goddess Dress/ A Challenging Challenge 2
One of my faves!

I thought of a new way to wear this awesome skirt.  🙂

Day 52: Corn Goddess Dress/ A Challenging Challenge 3
It's a dress!

I put on a thrifted yellow floral printed belt to cinch my waist, and that’s it!  I headed off to meet my friends for a giant wine sale and tasting at Cellar on Greene.

Day 52: Corn Goddess Dress/ A Challenging Challenge 4

I got compliments on my dress all day!  People stepped out of their checkout lines at Publix to tell me how much they loved it.  I’ll have to wear my skirt this way again!  🙂

Day 52: Corn Goddess Dress/ A Challenging Challenge 5
Styled with a vintage handbag. 🙂

The other day, Tanya for Chica Andaluza passed along a challenge to me.  Thanks for thinking of me, Tanya.  I’m flattered and honored. 🙂

The rules are that I should have published a link related to the categories I´ll mention below, and that I should pass the challenge on to at least 5 other bloggers.

Let’s get to it!

The most beautiful post was Day 35:  For Grandma Ruth.  This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write.

The most popular post has got to be Flagophiles.   The funny thing is, this post almost didn’t happen (because it’s not a clothing refashion).  Fella talked me into blogging about making colorguard flags for a high school that otherwise wouldn’t have them.  Folks really got into the spirit of community-involvement.  This is definitely the most shared post I’ve done.

The most controversial post was probably Crop Rotation.  Some of my fb peeps really hated this one.  I actually got a couple of emails about it.  I suppose the only thing that’s controversial is that I really liked it (still do), and several peeps hated it.   The pattern mixing and the short crop really threw a few people off.

The most helpful post was Day 27:  New Life for Old Tees.  Lots of people loved this idea to save and/or lengthen their Tees.  🙂

The post that was surprisingly successful was Day 21:  I See Right Through You Top.  I go into a bit of a rant against fast fashion at the end.  I was worried about turning people off or coming off as too preachy.  I was surprised by the favorable response I got from this.  Hopefully, I can be that genuine and honest in future posts.  🙂

The post that did not get the attention it deserved was Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt.  This is one of my favorites!  It’s a silk cargo skirt!  It fits perfectly!  It’s really practical!  It’s gorgeous!  But…I detected a general yawn from the peanut gallery.  😉

The post I am most proud of is probably  Behind Every Good Woman Lies a Trail of Men .  I was so excited to have my work shown in a museum for the first time ever!  🙂

Below is the list of peeps I’d like to pass this challenge on to.  I love what they do, and can’t wait to see their responses!

Charity Shop Chic

Recycled Fashion

So, Zo…What do you know?

The Wine Snob

Flick’s Foodie AdventuresI know your blog is new, so consider this my way of telling you to write more often so you can complete this challenge!  😉

Day 53: A Coveted Tee
Day 51: Tablecloth Dress to Two Piecer

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