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Day 61: Warm & Cozy

Day 62: Applique Those Holes Away!
Day 60: Carowinds Top

Yesterday’s Carowinds trip was awesome, fun, and exciting! 🙂

But today, I felt like I had been beaten up in an alleyway or something.  Being tossed around on roller coasters all day really caught up with me.  🙁

I reached for my trusty heating pad…

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 2
Boring Heating Pad in Clinical Blue

…and crinkled my nose as how boring and clinical-looking it was.

I decided to make a new, much more aesthetically pleasing cover for it.

I grabbed an old (but very pretty) pillowcase out of my scrap pile.

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 3
Pretty Pillowcase!

Then, I trimmed it to be slightly bigger than my heating pad.

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 4
Snip and Snip!

Since this was already a pillowcase, I was able to keep two of the existing seams. 🙂

I stitched it all down, and hemmed the raw edge at the opening.

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 5

Then, I put my heating pad in its stylin’ new case.  🙂

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 6
Insert pad a iinto case b.

And now my heating pad is much prettier and much more welcoming!

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 7
Ahhhh....doesn't that look cozy?

I lay back and let the magical heat take care of my achy neck and back.  🙂  Ahhhhhh!  🙂

Day 61: Warm & Cozy 8


Day 62: Applique Those Holes Away!
Day 60: Carowinds Top