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Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress

Day 72: Refashioning a Little Black Mess to a Little Black Dress
Day 70: Yikes! Stripes! Top

One of the reasons I want you to hop on the refashion bandwagon is to make your wardrobe last longer.  This goes completely against what Fast Fashion retailers are trying to sell you:  that you need the newest nowest thing that just came out last week every week.  If we take what we have and make it last longer, we’re no longer feeding an industry that is fueled by sweatshop labor and unethical practices.  If we can make our clothing last longer, we can force Fast Fashion to slow down when there is no longer a demand for what they’re selling.

It’s also cheaper.  Muuuuuch cheaper.  🙂

Today’s piece comes from the back of my closet.

Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress 2
A fave from way back when!

You’re looking at what used to be my favorite maxi dress.  I’ve had this baby for years and have worn it dozens of times.  Sadly, the white parts were starting to get dingy, so I haven’t worn it in about a year.   If I haven’t worn something for a year, I usually just go ahead and donate it, so someone else can enjoy it.

But…I really like this dress.  I have had some awesome times in this dress. 🙂  This dress has seen some kick-ass parties.  I didn’t want to let it go.  So…I reached into my dye stash and pulled out this:

Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress 3
All the people who dyed dyed!

Yep…that’s right.  Orange and black.  I was hoping for something sherbet-y and not halloween-y. 🙂

I was really surprised by the end result.

Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress 4
How Odd!

As you can see, the top part of the dress took the dye just fine, whereas the bottom…not so much.  The white parts are the faintest of possible orange…not what I had in mind.  I should have read the label.  The bottom of the dress wasn’t cotton jersey, like I had assumed.  It was 98% polyester.  Yipes!  Polyester doesn’t like dye.  🙁

I still like my dress, even though the coloring is most unusual.  🙂

I wore my unusual dress to see a few friends of mine in a play.

Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress 5
Featuring plenty of foul language, violence, and Madonna references! 🙂

They were all wonderful!  If you want to catch this show, they’ll be at The Loose Cockaboose tonight at 12am.  🙂  If you’re in the Columbia, SC area, this is definitely worth seeing!

Day 71: A Sure-Bet Dress 6
Chillin with Nick aka Mr. White!


Day 72: Refashioning a Little Black Mess to a Little Black Dress
Day 70: Yikes! Stripes! Top