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Day 73: My Football Skirt

Day 74: Tagalong Dress
Day 72: Refashioning a Little Black Mess to a Little Black Dress

Today was a rough one, friends.  :/ My evening of too much wine caught up with me this morning…severely.  As a grown-up whose college days are far in the past, this hasn’t happened in years, and it’s quite embarrassing.  :/ I spent most of the day bemoaning my hungover state on the couch.  My sweet fella brought me gatorade and bread bowl soup while quoting John Gielgud’s lines from Arthur.   (I’ve taken the liberty of anticipating your condition. I have brought you orange juice, coffee, and aspirins. Or do you need to throw up?)

Eventually, I was able to rally for the SC Gamecocks football game!  Don’t let that exclamation point fool you; I couldn’t care less about football, but I love having a refashion that is subtly amusing.  😉

Today’s piece began as a soccer (or depending where you’re from, football) jersey that I scored for $1.

Day 73: My Football Skirt 2
Are you ready for some futbol?!

My interest in soccer isn’t particularly deep.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for watching handsome European men run around being agile and passionate.  But I tend to base who I’m rooting for on whose uniforms I like best.  😉

I lopped off the top and hemmed the raw edge under.  Then, I cut off part of the sleeves, sewed them closed, and tucked them in to make pockets.  🙂

Now I have a football skirt to wear for game days!  😉

Day 73: My Football Skirt 3
Such a comfy skirt!

Here’s a couple of close-ups to give you a better idea of what I’ve done.

Day 73: My Football Skirt 4
View from the Top
Day 73: My Football Skirt 5
View from the Side

I wore my skirt to meet up with a few friends, two are which are sadly moving to Philly (good for Philly, bad for me).  🙁

Day 73: My Football Skirt 6
I'll be visiting you soon, Heather! 🙂
Day 73: My Football Skirt 7
I miss you already, Evan!
Day 73: My Football Skirt 8
At least I have my sweet fella to keep me company. 🙂

Cheers (responsibly)!  🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress
Day 72: Refashioning a Little Black Mess to a Little Black Dress

6 thoughts on “Day 73: My Football Skirt”

  1. i had to laugh when i saw the jersey -you know that these go for up to 120$ in germany? and that’s for modern ones, if that was an ‘important’ vintage, it’d have gone for way more.
    i always wanted to cut up a couple of those in germany and make something out of them, but everyone squeamed sacrilege *g*

  2. I don´t know what to say! I know a few Liverpool fans and they wouldn´t like what you did! Personally, I like more your vintage dress refashions! 🙂 you are so bold!

  3. HAHA I can’t believe you refashioned a football shirt!!!! These ugly shirts are made of ‘technical’ fabrics which makes them totally unsuitable for most other types of garment. With that in mind I think your football skirt looks cute! I love the sleeves as pockets idea which I might well steal in the near future. Slightly odd that your hangover day should be sponsored by Carlsberg though 😉

    Also, you’re supporting the wrong team…


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