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Day 74: Tagalong Dress

Day 75: A Jillian Original
Day 73: My Football Skirt

Today’s dress is another $1 find that confuses me a little.  I’m hoping someone out there in interweb world will be able to explain this one for me.  🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 2
Don't you just love a woman in uniform? 🙂
Day 74: Tagalong Dress 3

Someone out there, PLEASE explain this to me.  Why are there Girl Scout uniforms in grown-up sizes?  Is this a scout master (or would that be mistress) uniform?   What is going on here?

Perhaps I could earn some extra cash going door to door with these:  🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 4
Cookies, anyone?

For whatever bizarre reason, I was stuck with a boxy Girl Scout Uniform that needed help.

It’s time to get my merit badge in awesome!  😉

First, I pinned the sides to take it all in and add a few curves.

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 5
Tweaking those sides!

Then, I ran each side through my machine.

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 6

I tied a vintage scarf around my waist to give the otherwise drab green a bit more color.   🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 7
The world's oldest Girl Scout?
Day 74: Tagalong Dress 8


Day 75: A Jillian Original
Day 73: My Football Skirt