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Day 74: Tagalong Dress

Day 75: A Jillian Original
Day 73: My Football Skirt

Today’s dress is another $1 find that confuses me a little.  I’m hoping someone out there in interweb world will be able to explain this one for me.  🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 2
Don't you just love a woman in uniform? 🙂
Day 74: Tagalong Dress 3

Someone out there, PLEASE explain this to me.  Why are there Girl Scout uniforms in grown-up sizes?  Is this a scout master (or would that be mistress) uniform?   What is going on here?

Perhaps I could earn some extra cash going door to door with these:  🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 4
Cookies, anyone?

For whatever bizarre reason, I was stuck with a boxy Girl Scout Uniform that needed help.

It’s time to get my merit badge in awesome!  😉

First, I pinned the sides to take it all in and add a few curves.

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 5
Tweaking those sides!

Then, I ran each side through my machine.

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 6

I tied a vintage scarf around my waist to give the otherwise drab green a bit more color.   🙂

Day 74: Tagalong Dress 7
The world's oldest Girl Scout?
Day 74: Tagalong Dress 8


Day 75: A Jillian Original
Day 73: My Football Skirt

12 thoughts on “Day 74: Tagalong Dress”

  1. Oh man this one scared me. I had to skip straight to the end to see what you did to this lovely vintage dress hoping as I scrolled that you didn’t chop it into pieces. I was so glad to see you only took it in a bit. Oh, my heart is still beating a mile a minute. I am a former costumer’s assistant and fashion graduate that has a love for all things vintage and a warm spot for all things girl scout since we were to broke for me to be one growing up. If you haven’t passed this beauty of a dress on yet I would love to take it off your hands.

  2. There are actually adult Girl Scout uniforms–that green was uniform for any registered adult member of Girl Scouts through the 1990s! We’re all really glad that we don’t have to wear it anymore. 🙂

  3. Heh – that “adult size” dress probably would’ve been too small for me when I was a Junior Girl Scout. You can be a Scout all the way through high school as I was, and I reached my adult height of 6′ tall at the age of 13, so if there weren’t any adult size uniforms, I’d have been SOL!

  4. The dress you have is def. a leaders dress from the 70-80’s era. All it’s missing is the little yellow tie and the beanie hat. 🙂 LOVE this one.

  5. One of my favorite thrift store finds of all times was a vintage girl’s size 16 “chubby” GS uniform dress (I purchased it in 1982!). I wore it out to the punk clubs in Washington DC many times and never failed to get lots of attention! Enjoy your fun dress!

  6. Boy Scouts can ear their Eagle, but they become Explorers at age 18, which is co-ed. My mom was a girl scout leader. And a cub scout den leader. They made boy scout uniforms for ladies.

  7. Ooooooh! I like the fix a LOT. As for adult sizes….girl scouts run straight through 12th grade. By that time they’re called “ambassadors”- hence the need for adult sizes. 🙂


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