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Day 8: Mellow Yellow

Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank
Day 7: Frolic in Clover Dress

Today’s dress wasn’t making me feel very mellow when I first saw it.

Day 8: Mellow Yellow 2
Old Yeller

I’m trying to smile, but I’m really not feeling it.  🙁  We’re looking at a Talbots (really well-made) size 8 frock in a happy yellow hue.  It’s too big, the collar looks stupid, and it’s too long. 

First, I took in the sides.  I ended up taking it in 2″ at the top on each side, and 1″ at the hips on each side.

Day 8: Mellow Yellow 3
First ya pin. Then ya sew.

After the sides were taken in, I chopped off some of that length.  I strongly advise you to always take in your piece before doing anything with the length.  Taking in a dress usually makes it shorter.  I can’t tell you how many dresses have turned out much shorter than I intended because I shortened, and then took in. 

Day 8: Mellow Yellow 4

I hemmed my new dress, and then set about removing that silly collar.

Day 8: Mellow Yellow 5
The Seam Ripper: It's your friend!Byeeeeee!

I sewed the raw edges of the neck back, and was finally done!  

Day 8: Mellow Yellow 6
They call me Mellow Yellow.


Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank
Day 7: Frolic in Clover Dress

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