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Day 80: Pleasantville Dress

Day 81: Purple Rainforest Dress
Day 79: A Go Go No-No

Today, the Fella and I decided to head to Greenville to visit my folks for the weekend.  🙂  This dress (scored for $1) seemed perfect for a fun visit to one of my favorite towns.  🙂

Day 80: Pleasantville Dress 2

Naturally, I can’t leave it as I found it!  We were in a hurry, so I only had time for a quick fix!

Day 80: Pleasantville Dress 3
Lop. It. Off.

Luckily, I had the original sash from this dress, so I used it to cinch the waist.  With its updated length, my dress was transformed from frump to fabu!

Day 80: Pleasantville Dress 4
@ Clothing Warehouse!

I have to say, I love visiting downtown Greenville, SC.  It’s such a nice, walkable city with awesome restaurants, fun festivals, and cool little shops.  My favorite is The Clothing Warehouse, where I always find terrific vintage gear!  🙂

Fella and I took a nice stroll through Reedy River Park, where a few couples were having their wedding pics taken.  Not to be outdone, we snapped a quick pic of our own.  😉

Day 80: Pleasantville Dress 5


Day 81: Purple Rainforest Dress
Day 79: A Go Go No-No