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Day 87: Mocktail Dress

Day 88: Welcome to Asheville Dress
Day 86: Purple Rainforest Dress...Take 2!

Today’s stylin’ outfit is actually a 2 piecer!  🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 2

Today, I’m going to deal with the skirt part.  Don’t worry, I’ll be dealing with the top soon enough!  🙂

This was a really easy refashion.  I wanted something special to wear to a friend’s vegetarian supper party, so I decided to wear the skirt as a dress!  I’m loving the glitter and that fun brush stroke print! 🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 3
Perfect Cocktail Dress!

If you do a lot of refashioning, I can’t stress the importance of having a really good belt collection enough!  I usually find them for $1 or less at thrift stores.  The one I wore tonight was a vintage Anne Klein that a co-worker gave me.  🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 4
When other fashion bloggers do this, they look cool. I just look bummed. :/

Everybody at the party complimented me on my sparkly dress.  I wondered if any of them knew the truth behind it…but decided to forget it and just drink my wine.  🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 5
I wonder...
Day 87: Mocktail Dress 6
You gotta have friends! 🙂
Day 87: Mocktail Dress 7
Gotta have even more friends! 🙂


Day 88: Welcome to Asheville Dress
Day 86: Purple Rainforest Dress...Take 2!

7 thoughts on “Day 87: Mocktail Dress”

  1. Way to go! Great dress for an afternoon (or late afternoon) get together. You’re right about the belt collection. When I was younger and had a smaller waistline, I, too, had an extensive belt collection. Now, I draw attention upward w/ an extensive necklace collection. Great going. Can’t wait to see the top.

  2. These 80’s apparitions you’ve conjured up are certainly getting a better 2nd life….I can’t even count the number of photos I’ve seen with my mother or grandmother in this style of dress. Great job!

    • Haha! I know…I wear those sandals all the time, don’t I? 🙂 I have this weird thing about shoes. I like wearing footwear that will leave me prepared for anything that might possibly happen. You see those girls in horror movies wearing their heels and tripping in the woods? If they wore utilitarian stap-on sandals, they’d survive.

      That being said, I should really try to wear my other shoes more. 😉


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