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Day 90: Case Closed!

Day 91: Tribal Dress
Day 89: Leaf it All to Me Top

Lots of you guys have asked what I plan on doing with all these shoulder pads I’m accumulating.  As some of you know, most of them are going to end up as toys for local shelter kitties (you can see the prototype here).

But guess what? I came up with another idea of what I can do with some of those pads!  🙂 

If you’ve been reading this blog of mine for a while, you probably already know I have a thing for huge sunglasses.  🙂

Day 90: Case Closed! 2
So what if they make me look like a fly?

Unfortunately, I don’t always take the best care of my sweet specs.  :/  They frequently get tossed into my bag or my glove compartment.  This of course leads to them getting all scratched up and smudgy. 

Day 90: Case Closed! 3
...or just completely destroyed. :/

I don’t care if I’ve spent $5.00 or $50 on my sunglasses.  I need to take better care of them.  🙂 The solution is obvious.  I need to put them in a flippin’ case already.  🙂

I grabbed a couple of massive pads from Day 78.

Day 90: Case Closed! 4
Hey guys! 🙂

I decided I wanted my sunglasses case to have a funky quilted look to it (sort of like Vera Bradley on a bender), so I took each pad and randomly sewed curvy lines.  🙂

Day 90: Case Closed! 5
Totally Freestyle!

After each pad was sufficiently quilted, I pinned the two pads together to make a sleeve.

Day 90: Case Closed! 6

Then, I sewed the two pads together, and cut off the round part of the pads.  I made sure to leave an opening on one end to slip my shades into.

Day 90: Case Closed! 7

I turned the whole thing inside-out to hide the raw and serged edges.

Day 90: Case Closed! 8

All that was left to do was slip my shades into their cozy new abode!  🙂

Day 90: Case Closed! 9
A Cozy New Case!
Day 90: Case Closed! 10
Now my specs are Safe & Secure!

Do you guys have any ideas for shoulder pad refashions you think I should try?  Lemme know!  🙂


Day 91: Tribal Dress
Day 89: Leaf it All to Me Top

13 thoughts on “Day 90: Case Closed!”

  1. I found your blog by mistake and I am absolutely blown away by the talent you bestow. I was only logging on a site to quickly find a crafty way to recycle some old big tees. When your blog poped on my screen. I have spent hours looking at your creations and can not get enough! Your designs are genius, and I am inspired. I love to shop, but live on a very tight single moms salary. I rarely (but maybe twice a year) buy myself a few new items of clothing that are of course on the clearance rack and yet i always think of what else I could or should be spending money on :/ …But now my options are limitless. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. (And millions of other ppl lol) …I am so excited to try some of your creations on some old clothes of mine. This momma will be stylin’ thanks to you! 🙂 🙂 ♡♡♡

  2. Oven Mitts! Or cut and sew them into smaller pieces, add adhesive and they make great shoe cushions for the pads of your feet when you wear enclosed shoes. I wear a lot of heels and the front part of my feet hurt after a while but a little cushion helps. Also, I’m a bartender and I wear the heels of my sneakers pretty quickly so using them as cushions on my heels helps when the inner soles wear down but the outer soles are still good.

  3. I was thinking you could use a giant m’u m’u to sew a floor pouf then fill it with shoulder pads and see how long it would take to fill.

  4. They’d probably make decent pot holders, if you could sew the long edges together and maybe find a way to make hand pockets.

  5. I took two matching shoulder pads, sewed them together, much like you did, and used it as a phone cosy. I tied a bit of ribbon to each side so I can tie the top together to keep the phone secure.

  6. With as many refashions as you make, you can save your shoulder pads, stitch them together and make a bedspread to donate to a shelter. You can piece together backing from other scraps you save, especially denim. It would definitely be unique, to say the least. 🙂

  7. Nifty idea. I remember Aleene”s show (as Terri mentioned above) and I’ve a vague recollection of the angel ornaments. I believe they were trimmed with lace. Cool trip down memory lane. Great going on your eye glass covers.

  8. Great idea – I have so many glasses and horrible big, heavy cases. I do admit to a secret liking for shoulder pads as I have horribly sloping shoulders…oh for a return to the 80s! Well…maybe not 🙂

  9. Back way back, when Aleene the famous crafter (Tacky Glue) had a show with her daughters they made Angel ornaments out of shoulder pads. That would be great for this time of year to make and maybe donate for charity fund raisers. I know I have the instructions around here somewhere but I bet you can find the instructions online, maybe with Fave Crafts and/or Tiffany Windsor? Heck! Your so smart you can come up with it. What’s cool is the fabric can evoke creating little personalities, Hawaiian, Diva, Country Girl, etc. This could be fun! Now I have to dig out my stash of shoulders pads!


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