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Day 92: June Cleaver Dress

Day 93: Sequins and Lace Top
Day 91: Tribal Dress

I was super happy to find this dress at my favorite $1.00 thrift store.

Day 92: June Cleaver Dress 2
Not my typical look.

The cutesy flower bouquet print isn’t my typical style, but I liked the cut of this dress.  At first I thought it was 50’s vintage, but upon closer inspection the construction makes me think it’s an 80’s dress cut in a 50’s style.

Whatever…after a long week, I felt like frocking up a bit.  🙂

However, there was one problem.  I found a few odd pink stains on the dress that I had to deal with.

Day 92: June Cleaver Dress 3
See spot?

Fortunately, these all came out in the wash (with a pre-treatment).  You can’t see them in the “before” pics, because I wash every garment before I try anything on.

Now all I needed to do was give this dress a bit more shape.  I brought the waist in a bit with a safety pin.

Day 92: June Cleaver Dress 4

I loved the fullness of the skirt and really wanted to show it off.  I took one of my crinolines (scored for $1 at a yard sale) and instantly upped the frouf factor!  🙂

Now I have a totally 50’s style dress that June Cleaver would be proud to wear!  🙂

Day 92: June Cleaver Dress 5
Did I mention this dress has pockets?!?! 🙂
Day 92: June Cleaver Dress 6
May the frouf be with you!


Day 93: Sequins and Lace Top
Day 91: Tribal Dress

8 thoughts on “Day 92: June Cleaver Dress”

  1. I love these style of dresses! I wish you would have done more…but, love that you kept it as original. I also think I know what I want to refashion with you….hehe!

    • When I first bought it, I thought it would need more work, but I really loved the original shape! I found it right next to another dress that is true 50’s vintage and in mint condition that requires no work whatsoever. Crazy what you can find for $1! I can’t wait to do a refashion with you! 🙂


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