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Day 99: Enter the Sharpie

Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over
Day 98: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 2

When I was 12, I worked as a filing monkey for my mom’s law firm (child labor laws be damned!).  It was actually pretty sweet.  I was relegated to the filing room ( i.e. basement) where I blasted my music, drank way too much Mountain Dew, lived off Dunkin Sticks, and filled my hands with enough paper cuts to make people think I was a cutter.  I ended up doing this for about 5 years.

One afternoon, I emerged from my subterranean lair to bug my mom for a bit.  Not thinking, I picked up a bottle of white-out and shook it (no reason).  The cap went flying, and my mom’s new black wool coat was ruined (She really wasn’t going for that Jackson Pollack look)!

Her eyes widened, then narrowed to tiny slits as she walked out of the room.  I was screwed.   When she came back, I knew I would get the tongue-lashing of the century (my mom can be very scary).  🙁

Time was of the essence!  I began picking off whatever clumps of white-out I could, but there were still white spots all over my mom’s brand-new coat.  :/  Eeep!  That’s when I saw the solution, the very thing that would save this coat and my ass…

Day 99: Enter the Sharpie 2
Enter the Sharpie!

I grabbed the sharpie from my mom’s desk and frantically colored over the white spots.   And you know what?  It worked!  The white spots were completely hidden!

When my mom came back, I shrugged, saying “I fixed your coat.  You know, you really shouldn’t leave your white-out laying around unscrewed.”  (I was a bit smarmy back then).

Mom was so impressed with my ingenuity that she let the whole thing go.  I think she might even still have that coat to this day.  🙂

Fast forward 17 years later…

I stupidly decided to clean my bathroom in one of my favorite black tees.  Of course I managed to get bleach all over it.  :/

Day 99: Enter the Sharpie 3

Luckily, I had a sharpie in the house.  🙂

Day 99: Enter the Sharpie 4
A la "Pretty Woman"

The great thing about the sharpie is that it’s very permanent (which is why it is the marker you use to write obscenities on your sleeping roommate’s face in college).  It doesn’t come out in the wash, and it doesn’t get on your other clothing.  It’s pretty awesome, actually.  🙂

Day 99: Enter the Sharpie 5

So yes, this was an admittedly slack day for me.  See that couch I’m sitting on?  I didn’t move from it all night.  I promise I’ll give you a more impressive refash tomorrow.  🙂


Day 100: Black & White & Rad All Over
Day 98: Flowers on my Shoulders Vol. 2