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When I Dip You Dip We Dip Dye Dress Refashion

No-Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion & Thrifting in Hawaii!
New Dress for a New 'Do

This is a sad time of year for me, friends.  Fall is coming.  My days of frolicking blissfully in strapless dresses and sandals are coming to a close.  Layers.  :/  Coats.  :/  Scarves.  :/  Being cold all the time.  :/ Blerg.  :/

Today’s dress was just a little too big and a little too summery for the changing season.

refashionista dip dye dress before
Feeling blue about the changing seasons…

The taking-in part wasn’t a big deal.

Pinning dress on dress form
Serging side seam
Serrrrrrrrrge! 😉

I also raised the hem just a bit.

raising hem on dress
Sewing new hem on dress

Well…that’s not very exciting, now is it?


I grabbed a bit of dye…

Green and Brown Rit Dye
I am literally grabbing the dye, see?

Then, I filled one side of the sink with hot water and green dye.

sink full of hot water

Then, I stirred it up!

stirring dye bath with spoon
Like ya do…

I added a bit of brown dye and hot water to a pitcher, and submerged the bottom of the dress in the sink and one shoulder of the dress in the pitcher.

I also splattered dye on the middle part.

dip dyeing dress in pitcher
This looks like it could be interesting.

I left my new dress in its twin baths while I met friends for brunch.  🙂

When I got back, I rinsed it thoroughly in my washing machine.

Check it out now!  I think the new color scheme is a bit more fall than that sky blue.  🙂

refashionista posing awkwardly
Awkward Posing!
refashionista posing awkwardly
Where’s my arm?
dip dyed dress after
Ah! THERE it is! Whew!
refashionista posing awkwardly
Seriously. What am I trying to do here?
back of dip dyed dress
At least the dress is cool. 😉


Refashionista Dip Dyed Dress Refashion Before and After
No-Sew Hawaiian Shirt to Dress Refashion & Thrifting in Hawaii!
New Dress for a New 'Do

53 thoughts on “When I Dip You Dip We Dip Dye Dress Refashion”

  1. Thanks for giving this amazing refashion work. I really love what you are working for the sustainable fashion industry. I run a blog dedicated to offering a plartform where people can meet can meet others who are passionate about Refashion topics. I think together we can definitely do a great job of changing the notion of discarded cloths destined for landfill. I would love to hear your thoughts on, perhaps you could contribute to my campaign: Refashion_Become Unique

  2. Ok, listen… I have read EVERY SINGLE REFASHION that you have ever done…. Every single one of them has been so cool….



    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dye-work!!

    so. inspired!

  3. Perfect, as usual. I was happy to see an easy one turn out so beautifully for you. You were due for a no-fuss, fun and fabulous refash!

  4. I notice that you use bottles of liquid dye. Do you use the whole bottle when you pour in two bottles or for example this dress, did you just use some of the dye in the sink and maybe less in the pitcher? I finally found some boxes of Ritt powder dye here in my smallish community in British Columbia. Still looking for the liquid form. Also, not your thing, but I am an artist making art out of teabags, and want to dye tea bags. thinking smallish amounts for smallish projects??? Any ideas? I also want to know if you use anything to set the dye such as vinegar, salt, other???? Thanks, Ann

  5. I love it! So fun and unique; you have such great ideas for artistic changes to plain clothing. And as usual, your sense of humour came out to play, happily for us 🙂

  6. Where do you have room to keep all your wonderful creations and shoes and belts??? you must have something for every day of the year to wear…

    • I donate a lot of what I make to a local charity shop that benefits the Women’s shelter. 🙂 Luckily, I also have a generously-sized closet. 🙂

  7. I just started following your blog. I am one of your older generation fans. Your designs are fantastic. I don’t know if anyone has every told you but you are in the wrong line of work. You are truly a fashion designer-creator. As I am sure you know as a designer you must be willing to take risks to create one of a kind designs. You most certainly did on this design and it turned out FANTASTIC! And as a great designer you must must have the appropriate accessories I must say those shoes are the bomb! Keep up the great work I truly love what you are doing and look forward to your next creative design.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Reading comments like these are really bittersweet for me. I like my day job and and the work I do, but when even people I work with tell me I’ve missed my calling, my heart sinks a little. Because I just feel sort of stuck sometimes.

      But thank you very much. 🙂 I’m glad you like my blog.

  8. You’ve inspired me to try dyeing some bed sheets that have started to fade. I want to make shopping bags out of them.
    What kind of serger do you have? I’m mulling over getting a new one…

  9. i must admit i was a little worried when i saw the dying/soaking part! but it came out great! i love it! whenever i try to dye something – very rarely, honestly, it never comes out very good. sigh. guess i’ll leave that to you! =)

  10. This dress makeover is impressive!! You take a simple clothing item and make it stunning! The shoes help to just make the whole outfit really fabulous. Your creativity is so inspiring. Love, love, love your blog.

  11. My MOST favorite refash of all the ref ashes!!! I love how the thread stayed it’s original color at the neckline with the dark dye. LOVE. Wear this often.

  12. Your dye job turned out fantastic! I would never even think to try something like that – so glad that there are people like you, with great imaginations and a bit of daring-do, out there to show people like me, who are a bit less daring, the amazing looks you can achieve with a few alterations and a cool use of colour. I just love your blog and refashions!

  13. J’adore! I can’t find the same type of dye in France.. I’m usually just surprised at how “light” your result is when dying clothes, because mine in France always ends up a dark color.. on this one I just love the way those “stains” draw on the dress! very lovely.. thanks for this blog.. following you from the other side of the word, fondly!

  14. I could honestly say that with just about every post I think “This is my favorite one yet” this dress however, jumps right to the top of the Top 5 List for real. I know it wasn’t a super hard refashion, but 1) the simplicity of it is appealing, 2) THOSE COLORS beautiful. love it.


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