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DIY Cropped Blazer

My Fourth Chemotherapy Treatment: The Home Stretch
How to Raise the Elastic Waist of a Dress

Cropped blazers are a go-to style for Fall 2020. I always LOVE it when I see a look come into fashion that can easily be achieved on the cheap with a little Refashion prowess.

Some of you will remember my cropped sweater Refashion (another easy DIY way to score an on-trend wardrobe staple).

The bad news is, a high-quality cropped blazer can cost around $80 (and above!). The good news is, much like sweaters, high-quality (though usually very dated) blazers are easy to find at thrift stores.

When I found this boxy & dated blazer for $1, I knew it would work perfectly for my purposes.

DIY Cropped Blazer Before
Bald Babe Bedecked in a Black Blazer!

This is an interesting look, isn’t it?

DIY Cropped Blazer 1
I should be playing electric drums for an ’80s New Wave band.

You’re looking at what I’m guessing is a late ’90s blazer. It’s really well-made, but not a very current style. No worries! We’re about to give it a new life!

Anybody remember this store and its private label?

Parisian Signature label
If you lived in the South, everybody erroneously called it, “Parisian’s”.

Of course, the most essential step in creating a DIY cropped blazer is…well…cropping the blazer!

cropping blazer
Chop! Or should it be “Crop!”?

You can see I cropped my blazer right above the pockets. You can crop yours wherever you like, but make sure you take your seam allowance (whatever that will be for you) into account.

Then, I folded the bottom edge of my blazer under twice and pinned it.

folding and pinning bottom edge of blazer
Just a lil fold ‘n pin!

Some of you are no doubt balking at the above image.

“Why isn’t she doing a blind hem for this?!?!” you’re screaming, angry fists to the sky.

“Doesn’t this hack know this is going to look sloppy if she just sews a straight stitch across that bottom hem?!?!” some of you are surely snarling while tossing whatever device you’re reading this on across the room.

Don’t worry! I’m going to make this hem look oh-so-fancy while saving time (by not having to do a blind hem) thanks to one of my machine’s decorative stitches!

I chose this one right here.

wavy decorative stitch setting on sewing machine
Ride the wave!

Then, I put my blazer under the needle!

sewing bottom hem of blazer
Trust me!

When I was done, it looked like this:

close up of finished bottom hem

Now for the sleeves!

If you look at the before pics of this blazer, you can see the sleeves are too long for my little T-Rex arms. :'(

Not to worry! I put my blazer on and folded them under once…pinning where I wanted them to fall.

pinned blazer sleeve

However, when I tried to put them under my sewing machine needle, I discovered the sleeves were too small to fit over the free arm of my machine. The layers of fabric and lining kept bunching up when I tried to sew. :/

I solved this problem by adding a simple basting stitch on the pinned cuffs, then removing the pins altogether.

basting blazer cuff
Basting stitch = Just a simple wide stitch that you’ll rip out later when the real sewing is complete!
basted sleeve
Ta Da!

This made it much easier to add the same decorative stitching I used on the bottom hem to my blazer’s cuffs!

sewing sleeve cuff
Just stitch right over it!

I just stitched right over some of the basting stitches, as these were easily removed with my seam ripper.

decorative stitch over basting stitch
No biggie!

But what about those boring buttons?

I thought the original buttons on this blazer were pretty ho-hum, so I pulled out my vintage button stash (that used to be my Grandmother’s) and sought out a couple of replacements.

two green vintage buttons
These look fun!

I think they’re a big improvement over the original buttons, don’t you?

old vs. new buttons
Ho Hum, meet New & Improved!

I stitched my new buttons on. Here’s how to sew on a button if you’ve never done so.

sewing button on blazer
Just a light bit of hand stitchery!

And just like that, I have a new (to me) DIY cropped blazer…perfect for work or play!

refashionista diy cropped blazer after
Pretty snazzy for $1!

My latest wig basically just looks like my hair from circa 2014. I want to go back to her and tell her to make better relationship choices, but other than that, really like the ‘do!

refashionista diy cropped blazer after close up
It’s okay. Circa 2014 Jillian didn’t know any better.
 diy cropped blazer after buttoned
2020 Jillian figured it out. 😉

I’m happy with how my new blazer turned out, especially since I was able to get a pretty pricey look for just one dollar! 🙂 I hope you feel inspired to Refashion a fun fall blazer of your own!


 diy cropped blazer before and after
My Fourth Chemotherapy Treatment: The Home Stretch
How to Raise the Elastic Waist of a Dress

45 thoughts on “DIY Cropped Blazer”

  1. What a great idea! Looks perfect on you.
    Now I’m gonna raid my wardrobe; as I have a shorter torso this might suit me fine, too, and I have some blazers I don’t wear lately (because I’m not comfortable with their length), which could use some shortening, too. 🙂

  2. You inspire me so much. For my birthday my brothers gifted me a gift card and I used it to order my very first sewing machine. It should arrive tomorrow. Cant wait to start learning this new skill! My first few projects will probably be face masks, since a) they are easy projects to learn straight stitching and b) they are kinda very needed during this time. And hopefully in time will be able to make this re-fashion out too. 🙂

  3. Outstanding! When you think of all the work and material that goes into a blazer, what a goldmine of refashioning possibilities they do offer. The decorative stitch really works, and the overall look is stunning.
    Now you’ve got me thinking about a newer model sewing machine.

  4. Pretty sure I’ve professed my love prior, but so enjoy your recreations. I’m really proud of you and rooting for your recovery.

  5. Love this refash! I can’t wear cropped things myself, but I love it on you! I was reading through the comments when someone mentioned the shoes– I didn’t even notice them at first, but wowza!! They’re adorable!!

    Love you, support you, and can’t wait to see what’s next!! Thanks for continuing this blog and giving us updates on how treatment is going 🙂

  6. Pfaff will sew the buttons on for you. Check your fancy stitches. There should be one that attaches buttons. Love this Refash. Love you!

  7. Forgive me if I missed this in an earlier Refashion, but what sewing machine model is that, and is it suitable and affordable for beginners? Always love your refashions, your humor, your outlook and your wigs! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. No chance in the world this refashion would suit me at all. In the words of Edith Head, “if it’s ugly, hide it”! So no cropping for me.
    The decorative stitch is a cute idea for a quick hem – I’ll steal that though 😉

    Great to see you still blogging and looking fantastic. You just need a fluffy white cat and you could be an uber villain.

  9. Very cute! I’m sure I could use your method to cut up an old jean jacket… one that looks like something my Mom would have worn. It’s quite long but I appliqued a bit of fabric on the back and I want to keep wearing it… but I notice, lately, I’m not. It’s not a heavy denim and is still a good blue…. for sure you have inspired me! P..s Just a comment… if, one day, you really want to rock that ‘no hair’ hairdo… just find a gorgeous pair of outstanding earrings. Ones that are extravagant, huge and beyond the pale. Add one of your amazing creations and voila – you will be just gorgeous! Just an idea….. Hugs!

  10. Beautiful refashion, so cute! The before,picture’s caption made me laugh out loud. I had flash baxks to Annie Lennox and Grace Jones. They both rocked that look hard in the 80s.

  11. “Should be playing electric drums for an ’80s New Wave band.” lol. Great sense of humor intact! This refashion is a fun one for sure, and what thrift store doesn’t have a bunch of blazers to choose from? Thanks for the idea!

  12. I was wondering where you’ve been! I followed you forever, so happy to see you again! Love your fun posts!
    Wishing you the best!!!

  13. Love the refashion of the blazer and the decorative stitching ! Wow, makes such a difference ! You are looking amazingly healthy and cute in your wig styles—all of them. Still praying for your complete recovery. Joining you in the bad relationship choices club of yesteryear—mine was in 1989.

  14. I’m in court quite often and I need my butt covered. But if I ever get the nerve to do something like this I will always recall your post. Beautifully done!

  15. I used to work at Parisian (mumble mumble) years ago! So fun seeing you re-do something from my old employer. Love your re-fash skills and your sassy sweetness. Take good care!!

  16. This cropped blazer looks wonderful on you! I thought of you last week when I chopped off some length off a Liz Claiborne white denim skirt I had just bought new. I send you love and prayers as you go through chemo

  17. Fabulous transformation as usual! You could make a tablecloth look good on your tiny figure! You look great, hope you are doing well. You are an inspiration to all!

  18. I totally love the cropped blazer on you! And I love the fancy stitching you chose for the hem and sleeves. As always you look adorable.
    Love the wig!

  19. I love the cropped blazer. The decorative stitching was a great idea. I also love your attitude and always look forward to your posts.

  20. This is SO cute on you! Being long-waisted with petite length legs, I’ve always looked for tops and indoor jackets that stop at my hipbones or above. Tunic length….well, pretty much a disaster on me LOL. I look like I’m standing in a rather deep hole. So this is a really helpful post for me — and others so blessed…. And, I love your button choice! Our mom had a button jar (I have my own now) and we always used to play with it, making “button pictures.” Prayers and blessings!


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