A Strapless Dress DIY & A Breakup 3
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A Strapless Dress DIY & A Breakup

A Funky Fall Frock!
Sweater Dress to Sweater Refashion

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, I needed something red to wear for a party (the invite demanded it), and I had just the thing!

A Strapless Dress DIY & A Breakup 6

Of course it needed a little work, but I saw great potential in this frock!

First, I made a some snips!

That lining must go!
That lining must go!
Going strapless!  :)
Going strapless! πŸ™‚

Then, I took in the sides a bit.


I cut off the excess material with my pinking shears, then got to closing up that top raw edge.

You know the drill.
You know the drill.

I didn’t sew the whole top up right away though!  I left just enough room to feed a bit of elastic through!


With the elastic in place, I stitched the casing closed and was ready to celebrate with friends!


Dan was there too!


Fun times were had…

Happy people!
Happy people!
But wait...wasn't there supposed to be bad news?
But wait…wasn’t there supposed to be bad news?

…and I was feeling quite caliente in my red!

There's definitely some bad news coming...right?
There’s definitely some bad news coming…right?

I even met a new friend!

Come home with me, little guy!
Come home with me, little guy!

Now for the bad news.

Later that night, Dan and I had a fight.

Now we’re no longer together.  And it sucks.

I don’t get close to many people, but I let myself get close to Dan.  I don’t like a lot of people, but I liked him.  I was happy.  I was excited about our relationship.  Finally! After  all the failed romances I had found someone I wanted to share a life with! Finally I had met someone who had just the right combination of humor, wanderlust, kindness, and passion for life I had always wanted.  I didn’t have to date anymore!  I was done!


If you’re playing at-home version of Jillian’s Failed Love Life(tm), this is my third failed relationship since I began this blog.  Ugh.

Right now, I’m feeling completely lousy.  :/  I’ve started my new job – which I love – but it’s hard trying to be happy and friendly to my awesome new coworkers when I feel so eaten up inside.  How is that someone who can see the potential in even the cruddiest & most misshapen of clothes can’t convince someone she loves to see their potential together?


A Strapless Dress DIY & A Breakup 7
A Funky Fall Frock!
Sweater Dress to Sweater Refashion


  • Heather

    I must be a horrible fan since I’m reading this a month later but I truly am sorry. It always astounds me that the people who have so much to offer and give in life seem to have the worst luck. I feel the same way sometimes and wonder why its taking me so long to find that decent guy. You are adorable and talented and I love reading your blogs!!!

  • Eva

    Oh hey girl! I just read this and I love your blog and I just got out of a 3 and a half year relationship. I just have to tell you that sometimes we need to realize that even though it sucks REALLY bad that in the end it is for the best. Don’t let it stop you! You are a wonderful person keep up the blog! I have been popping in on your blog for years.

  • diaryofamadmama

    You are such a beautiful person (inside and out). I’ll be praying that God will help you through this sucky time. Breakups stink, but going through bad relationships just make you appreciate the person you’re meant to be with even more once they come along. I know that’s true of my husband. He’s definitely not perfect, but compared to all the jerks I dated before him, he’s a saint! Hang in there!

  • Jennifer

    Sorry to hear how things turned with you and Dan. You are so awesome and so thoughtful towards others. Your time will come to be with someone jusy as awesome as you are. Hang in there. I love your blog btw I have told so many about it. Take care.

  • Donna R.

    had to comment on this one….really, stupid fights happen. WE don’t know what is really going on with you, but it is possible to totally adore someone, think he’s your soulmate, and then 20 some years later, you find yourself totally identifying with Pink’s song “True Love”. It doesn’t make me love him any less, if anything, I love him more when we’e good, and sing Pink’s song when things are askew. : ) Hugs and pretend wine from your fans!

  • Verity

    You should understand that “failed” relationships are no reflection on you as a person. We have this inner voice that insists on comparing ourselves to other people, but that’s not how life works. Just because you are single does not mean that you are somehow less than people who are not. There are millions of people in this world; finding one with whom you absolutely click is next to impossible. Please don’t beat yourself up. I’m sorry for your loss, but you are still a good person.

  • ReFashionista

    Wow. You guys are amazingly supportive and kind. Yep…I’ve been having a tough time of it with this, but I’m trying to keep my chin up and keep focused and busy. Down with love…Up with dachshunds! πŸ™‚

  • Mary Beth

    I’m so sorry about the breakup: they’re just miserable, no matter who did what! And while you see three failed relationships in the past few years, I see somebody who puts herself out there time and again, which I certainly haven’t done. I hope you find peace soon.

  • offsquare

    Ugh, breakups are the worst! No doubt it sucks right now and aches more than words can express, but you’re a gorgeous and super talented woman. Try to keep your heart open, despite the probable reflex to want to close it, okay? xoxo

  • NCP

    Things happen for a reason. You know, the ‘old door closes and a new one opens’ well, it’s usually for the better. You’re much too bright, cute and fun sense of humor to close yourself off to potential new friends, romantically and otherwise. Take it from an old broad whose been to a few rodeos, you have too much to offer to be down, you also have only a few days to pick yourself up and get to that new job with a happy outlook. You’ll feel better about everything if you do.

  • Gina

    I really look forward to your super creative refashioned and inspiring “you can do it” step by step style inspiring. I just wanted to share after many years two important life lessons. First being thankful in ALL things is essential. I am married to a wonderful handsome successful man. I am thankful for the many years of dating and being engaged to “boys”. I learned all about the types of men women should avoid. I recognized a good man and married him. The second life lesson is to trust your first impression, your inner voice, your gut feeling, your very first thought about someone. It is right!. The things you know in thebeginning are what you break up for in the end.
    Sending lots of love your way.
    Be well

  • sagegrayson

    Hey. I don’t comment much, so I guess that means I’m a “lurker.” But I just want you to know that your blog inspires me and I care about you even though I don’t know you. I’m sorry to hear about your breakup. I’m sending you lots of positive vibes, and I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful for you and your wonderful blog!

  • Joy in london

    Jilly hun, dress looks fab as usual! I wish I could support the lung cancer event from the uk but you have my best wishes instead, you’ll do great!

    I know it’s heartbreaking and dire and bloody sucks to be in a break up but at the risk of you metaphorically throwing the nearest hard/sharp object at me, do you think perhaps that this relationship ending may have something to do with your lives going down different paths?

    I’ve seen how much you have grown as a person and where you have gone in confidence levels and now you have this amazing new job and a huge following here, you have a good solid circle of friends and a great busy life where you are highly valued for who you are. Perhaps and please don’t hit me, but perhaps it was a case of you have grown as a person and the person you were when you got together needed blokey in a way that you don’t need him now and this break up is a step closer towards the life and person you are meant to be with?

    I don’t know him so cannot have a real opinion, but I always thought you can do better, he seems lovely but looks far too quiet for you!

    Anyway I hope your heart heals and you get resolution one way or the other, big squishy joy hugs from the uk!


    • Ella Westley

      I’m sorry to say this Jillian, but I completely agree with Joy here. You can do SO much better! I know I don’t know you guys in real life but I have followed your blog since almost the beginning (I went back and read from the start) and you have grown so much as a strong, wonderful woman. I can definitely see a pattern with the men you choose and I’ve always thought you could do better. You’re a gorgeous person, inside and out. You deserve a prince charming that will treat you as such. Sending much love and support from SLC, UT.

      P.S. LOVE the dress and I’m sending good vibes to you in the dancing ball.

  • Leona

    I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work. I met a guy, didn’t work.

    I swore off men FOREVER and met a guy…. He swept me off my feet. He convinced ME a conscientious objector, to marry him! My friends are all freakin’ jealous but he loves me?

    It happens. You’ll find your “ever after” if you are just true to yourself. (And, wearing that dress can’t hurt.)

  • JR

    Wishing you happier days ahead! Voted! And on dance night – think of all of us, lifting you up, and clapping wildly. You’ll be awesome.

  • lialou

    As my grandmother would say “Ya gotta kiss alot of frogs” You’re young, talented, compassionate and on the track with a new job. Which also means, new environment, new people, new contacts, new companies, so many new opportunities coming your way. Your fans out here in computer world think most highly of you. You’re probably gonna kiss a few more frogs in your lifetime, but along the way, one of them will be your prince! BTW – Nice refashion!

  • Alice

    This is so lovely–you did a wonderful job! Just goes to show you it IS possible to look amazing and save money doing it. πŸ™‚ We’d love to save you money on your shaving routine, too. We’re a shaving company called Dorco and we provide high quality razors for a fraction of the cost you’re used to spending. You have to see our prices yourself to believe it: DorcoUSA.com. Plus, with your beautifully smooth legs all of your outfits will look that much better. πŸ™‚

  • Ann-Marie

    Sending good thoughts your way. I know it sounds corny and trite (and weirdly religious, but I swear I’m not), but the very-short, easily-read “God on a Harley” changed the way I saw relationships, after a particularly bad break up. I hope you love your new job and it feels like a door opening into your future life. Wishing you all the best.

  • ali

    Hi there Jillian – I have a close girlfriend named Jillian here in Tampa who has been through just as many relationships as you – don’t worry – your prince will come along. Mine didn’t come along until I was 42, so you still have time! He is worth waiting for! But in the meantime, you are TOTALLY worth my $10 vote and I’ve already made my purchase. Thank you for sharing your life with us vicariously and I am so sad for you that you are going through yet another heartbreak. That’s what good friends and WINE are for and you seem to have plenty of both. Take good care and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope we get to see the video!

  • Trish

    When I first found your blog I couldn’t stop reading it. I was so inspired that I began refashioning, and I started my own blog. I can imagine that you are an amazing person who deserves the very best.

  • Suzanne

    When God closes a door, he opens a window. Hang in there, soon you’ll meet the perfect man and it will all seem so easy and natural, no drama. I know, because I dated a string of men that didn’t work out, and then I finally met Mr. Right. We’ve been married 5 years.

    • ReFashionista

      But a window isn’t really an upgrade, now is it? You used to be able to just walk out the front door, but now you have to squeeze yourself through a partially-open window? What if it’s on the 12th floor and you plummet to your death? πŸ˜‰

      • Liz

        That is what I have always thought! Who wants a window instead of a door, they have COMPLETELY different functions.

        PS. I agree with the sentiment Suzanne, just always thought it was a funny saying πŸ™‚

  • Karen

    I am currently losing my dad to lung cancer.. so I know the feeling.. you are strong and beautiful and talented. Keep going and all will be right in the world.

  • Lindsey

    Usually I just lurk, and let you do your thing. Today though, I’ll say: You’re awesome, and you deserve a commitment from someone you love. Also, if you find yourself in Arkansas, I have a few guys in mind (with accents as thick as their biceps). Keep your chin up lady friend.

  • Riley

    I am sorry to hear about your breakup. You did mention it was a stupid fight–so it is something that neither is willing to compromise over or a major difference? Every couple needs to have one good fight to see how they handle it–call it quits or sit down and talk it out once both have cooled down. Sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment that neither really means.

    Good luck, and we are cheering for you!

  • Carol Oberg Riley

    Love your posts and bubbly personality. Enjoy the ball and can’t wait to see your dress. I hope you find someone great to dance the night away with.

  • red

    Tell you a secret, even after 3 years going by after the breaking up with my ex (my first love), even after having lived happily with the love of my life for over 2 years and even now, that I know I will marry my love and have children with him some day, I still think about my ex. Every fucking day. Not like “Oh I love him so much even now.”, no, he was an asshole. But Relationships change us. And whenever I look at my love, I know that my ex has made me what I am today, he made it possible for me to know what I want and what not. It made me in a way a better person and girlfriend for my love. And I am thankfull for that. I am thankfull that everything happened as it did, that he betrayed me, since I would have never let him go if he had not, although he was so wrong for me and made me unhappy.
    I am sure that some day in the future, you will be able to say that too. It was good. It made me what I am today and I don’t regrett anything.

  • angela

    all relationships have to be tested…. anything that is good has to have its difficulties. been married for 27 yrs and arguments are part and parcel of being human. unless the argument was because of a moral issue or something that is totally against your belief then its just a fight that can draw you closer and make the relationship stronger. you will never find someone, without having difficult times with them now and then. we are just human and imperfect.

  • Kathryn Roskow

    A bit advice from someone much older than you. One argument shouldn’t end a relationship, unless you found something life changing in the event. There is no perfect couple; they all have fights, some little ones and some HUGE ones. Talk to Dan when you’ve both cooled off and calmed down. Maybe he’s not the right one, but there will never be a right one who doesn’t: a. Do something stupid now and then, b. Disagree with you when you thought he wouldn’t, c. Act like an ass (i.e. a man/woman,) d. sometimes fail to meet your expectations. And, you will do likewise. Too many young people (and some older ones,) run like hell at the first sign of a problem. A good relationship is not one without problems, it’s one where both parties want to solve the problems, and work on them.

  • Jessica

    So sorry to hear about your breakup! You bring such joy to all your readers. You have totally inspired me to sew more and refashion! Sending you tons of hugs and love! And there is hope out there. I dated terrible for me people for forever until I met my husband–and even then–I self-sabotaged the first two years of that because I didn’t feel like I was worth loving. But here we are almost 9 years later, very happy and in love. You will find that too. If my ass can be happy and in love, you will find someone so totally amazing and complimentary to your life! Focus on work and your dancing and your friends and your refashioning and someone great will come into your life. HUGS! And go hug your pup! Dogs are the best heartbreak medicine.

  • andrea @ my kinda perfect

    guuurrrrllll, you got this! you’re gonna be great at the ball.

    and as far as your new singlehood goes, just know that this, too, shall pass. it’s not easy. it’s not fun. but sometime soon you’ll feel better about the situation and feel ready to move on.

  • Sabine

    Jillian, I almost never comment on blogs (…because I feel kinda awkward doing it I guess), but I just had to this time.

    You are such a creative, inspiring and sweet person – your blog is testament to that – I know there’s someone out there for you! I can very much relate to what you’re saying. For the longest time I thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me for not being able to make it work with people. And to be honest, I put up with stuff that I shouldn’t have put up with, just because I was so invested in making things work for all the wrong reasons. It took me until I was in my thirties to find Mr. Right (as always only time will tell), but looking back, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way – after all, I definitely wouldn’t want to still be in a small town with my high school sweetheart. If Dan is the right one for you, I’m sure he is feeling just as horrible as you are right now. And if it was a stupid fight on top of it all, maybe you can work it out?

    Either way, I’m sending you all the strength I can spare here on my end (Berlin, Germany). Thanks so much for your honesty! You’re so brave for sharing so much of your life with us all! – Virtual hugs.

  • Ms. Attitude

    I’m sorry to hear about the breakup. Those always suck, but then again, I haven’t had a relationship in over 6 years. Wow, now that’s really sad.

    Maybe you guys will still have a pleasant future together. You never know.

    Good luck with your dance!

  • Jamie C

    Wait, why are you breaking up? If it was a stupid fight you can work it out. And if it can’t be worked out, than maybe the fight wasn’t so stupid.
    And maybe I’m just being nieve because I’ve never had a serious relationship, but it’s just one fight. It would have to be pretty serious to just call it quits because of that.

  • heather

    The love you felt was always yours and always will be for whomever is lucky enough to receive it from you. As people come in and out of your life that lessened that loss feeling for me. Stay positive, you are evolving and that’s awesome!

  • Jenn

    Love the dress! You will be great at your dance… can’t wait to see your ball gown. As for your relationship difficulties… I do not know what your falling out was about, but Dan seemed like a really great guy. If you think he is worth your time and energy, try to work through whatever you are dealing with together. Otherwise, revel in your time alone!! You are a beautiful person and worthy of someone who treats you with love and respect. Good luck and I will pray that you find what/who you are looking for!

  • barb

    Dress is great but your news isn’t . Sorry to read of your breakup . If he was the right one for you then he’d have seen a future with you too . When you meet mr right it will all happen the way it’s meant to . It’s his loss but hope you’re not sad for too long .

  • Flo

    Love the dress, it turned out fantastic! Major bummer about things with Dan. And the crappy timing with the new job and all. But all things happen for a reason, perhaps if things don’t work out with Dan, your change of scenery will make you look at things from a different angle and “Mr. Right” will be out there. Hang in there!

  • Lauren

    Well crap, that sucks πŸ™ *but* I promise you it will get better, and I’m careful what I promise. It’s okay to wallow while you’re sad but don’t stay there – you’re an AMAZING lady and this will be okay. I love the red dress!! You did an amazing job! (((((HUGS)))))

  • Karen Sava Critter

    I hear a song, Im ready to rise again! Dan looked like a man happy to let you shine, he looked happy, so sorry. Its ok to fall out. with my partner we both end in tears together, never happened with
    anyone else xxxxxxxxx you are a lovely girl.

  • doris

    I love your refashion. It came out really good. I feel your pain regarding the relationship. It does feel awful when you had high hopes. Hang in there. The right guy for you is on his way and he’ll be better than you ever imagined. You’re special and you deserve someone who appreciates that and celebrates you and your wonderful creativity. I certainly appreciate it especially when I’m having a bad day. Reading your blog makes me happy.

  • Elan

    Sorry to hear of your breakup! Hopefully hitting the tiles will be just the thing & lucky #4 will tango right into your life. πŸ™‚

  • Raizel from Israel

    Hey girl,

    I want to tell you to be strong. After you’re done mourning, be strong because you are a princess and you’re able to get through this.
    You’re a huge inspiration to me and to all of us readers. So, be strong!

  • Jamie

    GREAT DRESS…You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Inspiring I am a young budding refashionista and I have been Glued to your blog for a couple of days…You are AWESOME and me and my mom are going thrifting soon therefore…I may send in a reader refash soon!

  • Beth

    Dress is awesome!
    If it was a stupid fight ( which most fights are) and most if us have those in our everyday relationships, put your big girl panties on and go see if you can work this out! If you can’t this relationship just wasn’t meant to be. In the end it should all work out one way or another.

  • Diane

    Sending you positive thoughts and energy – and adding you to my prayer list. It’s strange how we all feel like we know you, but that is because of your awesome personality that comes through loud and clear in your blog. The dress is lovely, and so are you!

  • Rusti!

    you are currently my favorite writer! I look forward to your posts and check your blog daily. this dress is beautiful and I cannot wait to see your ball gown!!! I’m so sorry about the breakup… brownies and wine usually get me through those tough times…

  • Lisa

    I have been following you for a long time & think you are such a talented, awesome person! Sometimes these horrible things happen and end so that something so wonderful, beyond our dreams can come our way. Perhaps he needs this fight to realize how much you are worth and what he will lose without you…..hang in there, wipe your tears in your scrap fabric and open the door for all the universe has to offer you!

  • learningnewtricks

    I missed the confirmation that you and Dan were an item. I suspected it, but somehow I must have missed that item. A friend of mine said his mother found her soul mate with husband number 5. She was very young with the first one, and the second through fourth ones were what turned out to bad because they were abusive. Finally, number five turned out to be the best, kindest, and most loving man who adopted the son, treated him like his own, and she and he had a daughter. Don’t give up hope regarding your soul mate. It may hurt now and feel horrible, but I genuinely believe you will find the guy who is meant to share your life, happiness, and adventures.

  • Lindsay

    Jill – it was stupid fight? Any idea how many stupid fights a married couple has over the course of the years? Swallow your pride, girlfriend, and walk up to his door and ask him to talk it out. If you can’t communicate and work out something stupid, then it wasn’t a relationship that was for the long term in the first place. Hugs to you!

  • Kerry Lea Higginbotham

    Love this one!!! Sorry about the breakup! Wish I had some advice to share, but I think you’re smart enough to figure it out on your own!!! Chin up!!

  • Ginny

    This makes me so sad. Maybe it’s not too late to find that a fight doesn’t mean the end of a relationship but an opportunity to say I’m sorry and to learn more about yourself.

  • Willow

    Dearest Refashionista, don’t lose heart! You are a gem and I wish you all the happiness you desire! This might sound really nuts, so feel free to ignore it lol, but here’s a little trick you could try if you want. I’ve found works for me in every time, in every area of life that I’m desiring a change in. It’s downright amazing. It’s fun & simple too – not always easy, but simple, kinda like learning to ride a bike.

    What you do is begin to train yourself to use your focus & imagination to conjure up the most wonderful things you can think of on a steady basis & think about those things as much as possible, beginning as early in the morning as possible (not necessarily relationships if that’s a sore subject) and do it all day long – before you go to sleep too. You do it just for the joy the thoughts bring you. Nothing is more important than that you feel good!
    Doing this somehow brings the things you desire into reality even if the things you’re thinking about have nothing at all to do with what you’re wanting (like a fixed relationship, a new job, car, etc…). You don’t have to imagine the specific things you desire. For instance, sometimes people really need money but when they think about it, it makes them feel like CRAP, so thinking about that would backfire because they feel negative when they focus on it. Instead, if they think about petting a dog, eating their favorite ice cream, watching a cloud, going to their favorite vacation spot, etc…and really generate the great emotional feeling of that experience, they feel good and it brings whatever desires are there (like relationships, etc…) into reality at just the right timing. You’re doing it because it makes you feel good to visualize and think about these things and the side benefit is that you end up with all the stuff you want at just the right timing. Synchronicity!

    It’s generating positive feelings, sending them out like a signal which comes back to you in the form of things you’ve desired. Then, at the same time, you do only what seems most exciting to you at any given moment – out of all the options available to you. These two things are like some kind of magical, one-two punch. Like I said, this might sound crazy, but I’ve seen it work so many times, I just had to share even if you think I’m off my rocker. I wish you all the best!!

  • Tracey

    Ugh. Love sucks. The hurt will go away, eventually. Just know that you are an amazing person. The connection you make with people though your blog is something special. We feel so close to you, but have never met. You have a gift. So glad to have run across your blog. Thanks for sharing your fundraiser, happy to support you. Have an awesome time, wish I could be there.

  • Amy Hoeh

    You bring all of us so much happiness. Let us help you in return. You have such a kind heart. If for some reason that you and Dan do not resolve things, know that everything happens for a reason. Maybe He is refashioning the perfect man for you. Be patient and thank you for devoting so much time to others! Good luck at the dance. I know you’ll be fantastic!!

  • Kristin

    There’s nothing I can say that can make you hurt any less. Breakups suck – there’s no getting around that and there are no platitudes that will make you feel better. (I have been known to throw lamps at people who utter the phrase “It will get better” when I’m post-breakup.) I wish I were in the same city as you so I could bring you a bottle of wine, a hug, and a listening ear.

  • April

    I, for one, think you are a FANTABULOUS person – you are funny, smart, compassionate , and beautiful inside and out (c’mon, you can’t fool US – we may not personally know you but you can’t be that much of a faker for as long as some of us have been following you…).

    I know it sounds trite and cliche, but I truly believe that every bad relationship prepares us for the good ones we’re meant to be in. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate my husband’s quirky sense of humor had I not been with someone who had none… He wouldn’t be endeared to my physical affection if he hadn’t been with someone that didn’t like to hold hands or hug… It doesn’t help ease the pain right now, but I absolutely 100% believe that you will find your “one” when you’ve grown and stretched enough to be able to appreciate him (and vice-versa – maybe HE isn’t yet ready for YOU!!! ) πŸ™‚

    Keep your chin up, we are rooting for your happiness!

  • Victoria S Andrews

    Wow girl. Such bad news. I really liked the look of Dan and hoped for the best for the two of you. I’ll vote for you to see the dance video. Plus lung cancer has taken 3 of my hubby’s uncles. Life sure can sucks at times.

  • Wendy Kinard

    Love pain is real and hard to get away from, God can help if you let Him. My mother used to say that you wont find the right person if you are with the wrong one. The right one is out there for you and will probably show up when you least expect it. If Dan is the right one he will be back, I suspect he is missing you as well. Blessings to you dearie.

  • christinapertz1

    You can do it! You are fabulous! I love how much you share about yourself on this blog! I’m happy you shared something with us again, but sorry to hear your bad news. I’m not going to tell you anything else cliched, because there was a time I thought I found that person that was epic to me, and it didn’t work out and it sucked for a long time. Sometimes it still does.

  • Sondra

    You looked beautiful in your red dress!— I am sorry about your breakup. A man who doesn’t love you enough , plain and simple is no man for you. You deserve the whole deal, never settle. God has someone for you. Wait for Mr. Right, he is out there, he will find you. Jillian, you will be fine. It really hurts now, I know. I will be praying for your heart to heal. Hugs to you from a grandmother.

  • Sam

    That dress is amazing! But I am sorry to hear about Dan, your blog is amazing and has helped me and made me smile through some rough times. Looking through the pictures you guys definitely look happy and i’m sure if you just take some time to cool down, things will come together. One silly arguement should not be the end of a good thing and everyone that reads your blog loves you and we are here for you!

  • Lynn

    Love the dress but not your news. πŸ™

    Here is a question or two for you. Do you see a pattern in the arc of the relationships or in the way they end? Do you find yourself drawn to the same sort of men? Not trying to analyze you on the spot, but sometimes we create the same thing over and over expecting it to be different. I know that I have been guilty of that myself on occasion.

  • Sue

    I love your blog and look forward to each and every post. I feel like I know you! But this breakup thing…….wow. Every post I hope to see Dans picture so I’ll know everything is ok with you two. I’m really sorry you are going through this.

  • Smalls

    The dress is great and you can do so much better than Dan. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Hold out for the ONE! You deserve that and so much more.

      • ReFashionista

        I think it’s just a well-intended not-overly-meaningful platitude. Who doesn’t say, “You can do better!” to their friend after a breakup? I dunno.

        • Kim Douglas

          I apologize for leaving the comment. I did look to see if I could delete it about 5 min later but couldn’t. It’s because of what you said about Dan, …” but I liked him. I was happy. I was excited about our relationship…. Finally I had met someone whose had just the right combination of humor, wanderlust, kindness, and passion for life I had always wanted.” To me, what can be better than that (except maybe the insinuated pretty face?) If you aren’t offended by Smalls remark about Dan then who am I to say anything and I wish I hadn’t. It is so miserable to be where you are at right now and I’m sorry to create another problem. I just hope there was enough to your relationship that it will work out to be together and if not, someone else gave a better comment …”the right one will come along.”

        • Karen Sava Critter

          i see a great outpouring of love and emotion from lots of women, who all in different ways appreciate you, for who you are, what you do and give. you are really appreciated, and you get up when knocked down,

  • Krissy

    Oh man πŸ™ Sorry to hear of your new state of singleness. On the bright side, that dress is cute! And maybe someone at the dancing event will wooed by your dance moves? If he wasn’t the right guy, that means there’s someone better on their way into your life. Chin up <3

  • Librarienne

    So sorry for the relationship suckitude. Not to be all nosy parker here, but is it worth a call to see if you can resolve it? The dress is lovely, and I am sure your dancing will be, too. And if it’s not, hey, it’s for a good cause, so good job anyway!

    • Sknep

      Oh Jilly! Relationships are ridiculously easy to mess up. Have an extra bowl of ice cream regret-free. πŸ™‚

      Just in case there is hope for an Act 2 of Handsome Dan, you… Uh… Might not want to be so specific about who’s not taking to who or which of you is the dumpee… It could cast him in more of a villain / heartbreaker role than he fairly deserves (because we’re all naturally partial to you)… And that could douse the last chance of re-ignition, you know? πŸ™‚ I only say so because I want you to be happy and because discretion is the better part of whatever.

  • Jan

    I’m sorry bout your sad news πŸ™ Only time can make that kind of thing feel a little better.
    I will be thinking of you. Headed over to donate.
    Good luck dancing. Enjoy the moment!!

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