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’80s Blouse to Vest Refashion

Into the Awkward: A '60s Dress to Top Refashion
DIY Sweater Skirt from Sweater Dress

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the White Elephant Christmas party my friends throw every year!  

As you all know by now, I love a good party, and adding a silly surprise element only makes it better!

Speaking of silly surprises, check out this heavily beshoulderpadded top I found for $1 at a fave thrift shop!

Just assume I only spend $1 on any of my pre fashions, okay?

refashionista '80s Blouse to Vest Refashion before
Blousey, no?

I like that pleating on the front of this top, and that blue hue is lovely, but the rest?  Meh!

I started chopping away! First at those shoulderpads!

removing shoulder pads
Begone pads!

Then, I removed those floofy things from the shoulders as well.

removing interior mesh shoulder ruffle with scissors
Farewell, weird fluffy shoulder thing and sleeves!

My new top was missing a button, but I wasn’t too worried about that.  

I wouldn’t be needing any of those buttons pretty soon, so I snipped them off and added them to my button stash.

snipping off button
I’ll just save you guys for later!

Next, I removed the sleeves with my seam ripper.

Whew!  All that chopping and ripping is fun, but it left me with a bunch of tacky raw edges to take care of!

So, I pinned those armholes under twice and pinned them, like so:

pinning armhole

Then, I stitched each armhole down.

sewing armhole

Next, I took in each side by about 2″.

sewing side seam

I cut off my excess material, and now I have a fabulous vest/tunic hybrid thing that I can wear over a dress or over a top and pants!

'80s Blouse to Vest Refashion
I opted for a dress and tights!

I accessorized with a funky pin, a skinny belt, and a pair of brogues!

Of course my pal’s daughter, Ava makes the perfect accessory!

'80s Blouse to Vest Refashion with ava
Baby Photobomb!

My present was wrapped with care.  😉

Mystery is exciting!!!!!!!!
Mystery is exciting!!!!!!!!

…and Jacques seemed to like it as well!

jaque with kite making funny face
I’m just a little scared…

But everyone’s gifts were quite special…

Jamie looooves My Fair Lady!
Jamie looooves My Fair Lady (on VHS)!
gone with the wind teapot
I’m definitely seeing a movie theme here…
david with book titled "what great salespeople do"
Sell it!
nicely wrapped present
This one is waaay too nicely wrapped!
jillian's friend holding pack of candles
This one is waaaay too practical.
ava with white elephant teapot
This one is waaaay too literal!

I think the gift I received might just be the best one…

jillian wearing elf ears
Gotta brush up on my Elvish! 😉

…although Ava wore it better.  :/

ava wearing elf ears
collage of white elephant party gifts, ornaments and cookies
Even Miley showed up! 😉


Refashionista '80s Blouse to Vest Refashion before and after
Into the Awkward: A '60s Dress to Top Refashion
DIY Sweater Skirt from Sweater Dress