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A Very Frustrating Nautical Romper Refashion

Grecian Statuette Dress Refashion
Off-the-Shoulder No-Sew Dress Refashion!

Hey Everybody!  I know, I’ve been absent for about a week now, but you know I’ll always come back to you, right?  

I was just feeling like I hadn’t been spending enough time with my friends, so I took a little break to relax.  Everybody needs a breather every now and again, right?

What follows is probably THE MOST frustrating refashion I’ve ever done, and a testament to my lunkwilled stubbornness.

It all began with this nautical number right here:

A Very Frustrating Nautical Romper Refashion 4
The loooooove boooooat!

Had I found this a few weeks ago, it would have probably ended up being my dress for the Yacht Rock soiree I attended awhile back.  

Sadly, I had no use for this nautical look. :/

A close inspection of those star buttons revealed they were in pretty bad shape, so I removed them.

sad star button
So sad.

I also got rid of those giant shoulder pads!

sad misshapen shoulder pads
Check out that sad & misshapen pad!

As most of you know, I HATE wearing white (It only serves to bring out my ghastly pallor).

So, I tossed this frock into a nice, hot dye bath!

rit dye combination
This looks like a cool combo…

This is where things started to go awry.

This dress is a ramie/rayon blend.  Ramie takes dye.  Rayon does not.  This means that I knew I would only be getting a subtle blue out of this.



The darker bits are where a stain was that I didn’t notice in my initial examination of this dress.  They were super-noticeable and only on that one spot.

I almost gave up right then.

Before scrapping this refashion altogether, I decided to try to dab on a bit of bleach to the spots…

bleach spots
Well crap.

Yeah…that didn’t quite work out.

I was so close to giving up.

I took the bottles of dye I had used and splattered random bits of dye on the dress and left it in my sink overnight.

dress in sink with splatters of dye
An act of desperation.

When I rinsed it out, I discovered that the splotchy dye hadn’t set at all.  I was back to square one.

I filled a pitcher with a bleach-water solution and wadded the dress up inside it.  

I figured that if I made the rest of the dress uneven, those splotches might look intentional.

wadded up dress in pitcher of bleach water solution
I am clearly out of my gourd.

Guess what?  It worked!  HUZZAH!

I was still far from done.  

I found some cool buttons in my giant stash, and sewed three onto my dress.  I decided to just leave off the functionless buttons on the left side.

sewing on new button
Cute, eh?

I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work removing the sleeves and collar.

removing sleeves and collar
Begone! You’ve stayed your hour!

Next, I unpicked the front and back seams of the crotch.

unpicking crotch seam
Pick. Pick. Pick.

All this unpicking left me with some rapidly-fraying raw edges to deal with.  

I put what was about to be my new dress inside-out on my dress form and pinned the unpicked legs into a skirt.

pinning seam for skirt

I stitched this down and cut off the extra fabric.

sewing skirt of dress

I pinned down the raw edges of the collar and arm holes…

pinning raw edges down
Securing the perimeter!
pinning raw edges under
No more fraying!

…and stitched those down too.

finishing last hem on dress
We’re almost done!

I took in each side to make my frock perfectly fitted, like ya do.

pinning sides of dress on dress form
Just a little pin & stitch!

When I tried on my new dress to see how it was shaping up, I was alarmed to see a little something extra I hadn’t planned for…

weird front bulge on dress
My dress…has…a mysterious bulge.

It was awful.  After all that work on this extremely frustrating refashion, I had somehow ended up with a suspiciously bulgy-crotched frock that there was NO WAY I was going out in public in!

I almost gave up.

But then I took the bulgy area, folded it under and pinned in from behind to do a weird faux 2 piece thing that I think really looks quite awesome.

And now, BEHOLD!  The most annoying refashion I’ve ever executed!  🙂

nautical romper refashion after

I actually love this.

Nautical Romper Refashion After
What do you think?
back of dress
Le back!

I wore my fancy new frock to SC Pride, where I made some new friends!

Refashionista with entertainer
I thought she said her name was Josephine, but someone told me it’s actually Justine. Whatever her name is, isn’t she lovely?
Refashionista with  Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

I had a blast with my friends, who all thought my dress was pretty swell.

Jillian and Friends
Love these guys!
great turnout at event
Such a great turnout!

Dan and I even enjoyed brandy and cigars on a patio!

Jillian and Dan
We’re so fancy…
A Very Frustrating Nautical Romper Refashion 5
Breakin’ the law. Breakin’ the law.

Such a lovely day!  And I’m SO very very happy I didn’t give up!  

Do you find yourself stuck on a refashion like this every now and again?  How do you get over the “I really don’t want to do this anymore” hump?


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