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’80s Striped Dress Refashion

Rebecca's Mysteriously Censored Reader ReFash
Thrift Score Thursday(ish): Italian Cheese Edition

Little did I realize my go-to hairstyle for when I’m working at home would match the era of this frock so perfectly.

'80s Striped Dress Refashion Before
So…tight! Can’t…breathe!

Yes. Very 1980’s indeed.

Let’s go down the list of things I dislike in this dress, shall we?

The neck is much too tight, the cut is unflattering, and I reallllly dislike the fullness of that skirt with the print at the angle it is. :/

But there’s plenty to like here too! The fabric is soft, warm, and comfy.  The blues are of pretty enough hues, and I like those elastic wrist cuffs.

But how to get this dress into a shape that I actually like and find flattering?

First, I was happy to see the elastic in the waist lived in a casing, rather than stitched in. That made the act of removing it super easy!

removing elastic
You are about to be gone!

Next, I took a grey dress from my closet (that I love the fit of) and traced around it with tailor’s chalk.

I left a little extra room as the fabric of the grey dress has more elasticity than the blue dress.

tracing dress on 80s dress
Here we go!

The sides got stitched up.

Sewing seam on dress

I snipped off the sides…

Cut off sides from dress

…as well as a couple of super flimsy shoulder pads I found.

removed shoulder pads
Seriously. Why were you added at all?

I chopped a bit more off the bottom and pinned my new hem.

pinned hem

Then, I stitched it down.

sewing hem
Then stitch!

I also picked the tag off from the back.

removing label with seam ripper
Sorry, Katy Perry!

With the back as the new front, I was able to unzip it a bit to give myself a little more breathing room.

I think the zipper works really well front and center!

'80s Striped Dress Refashion After
'80s Striped Dress Refashion After funnny look
I’m not sure what this look is supposed to be…

My new frock enjoyed a glass of wine with a good pal as we chatted about an upcoming trip! 🙂

jillian drinking wine
Wine not?


'80s Striped Dress Refashion Before and after
Rebecca's Mysteriously Censored Reader ReFash
Thrift Score Thursday(ish): Italian Cheese Edition