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Easy DIY Halter Dress Refashion (No Pattern Needed!)

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We could all use a little luck right about now, couldn’t we?

That’s why I opted for this $1 thrifted dress for today’s refashion, rather than holding off until St. Patrick’s Day as I had originally planned.

Refashionista DIY Halter Dress Refashion Before
Surely these clovers will bring good fortune, right?

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Upon closer inspection, I discovered the clovers on the top of this dress were only of the 3-leafer variety. :/

close up of clover fabric

You win again, 2020. You. Win. Again.

I still loved that clover print and the contrast between it and the navy skirt.

I was less fond of the neck tie thingies and the fit.

And just like that, my idea for a DIY Halter Dress Refashion was born!

First, I snipped off those neck tie thingies and put them aside.

Cutting off neck tie detail

These will be put to good use in just a bit!

discarded neck ties
Be patient, little guys!

I put my dress on my dress form and pinned where I thought the new top of my dress should begin.

marking new top of dress with safety pin
Seems about right!

I had to make sure I had the length I wanted for the top part, while still allowing the dress to fit around me. If I came up short, the dress would be really unflattering!

I took my dress off the form and made a chop!

cutting off top of dress

Then, I put it back on my dress form, and began taking it in from the back.

pinning dress from the back
Just one seam will do the job!

I thought taking the dress in from the back would help me preserve those pockets without having to remove and re-attach them.

SPOILER ALERT: That didn’t work out. :/

I sewed my single seam down.

sewing back seam of dress
Yes, I should have pinned the opposite side, but it’s okay.

Then, I trimmed off the excess fabric with my pinking shears.

cutting off excess fabric
Just a quick trim!

I folded over the top part of my dress and pinned it in place.

pinning top hem of dress
Pin it!

As I said before, getting enough length for the top of this dress was crucial. It needed to fall at my waist just right! That’s why I didn’t fold this top part under twice. Don’t worry! The fabric is polyester and it won’t fray!

I sewed the top part down.

sewing top part of dress

Then, I pinned those two neck tie thingies to the front!

pinning neck ties to front of dress
We’re coming into the final stretch!

I stitched each one to the front.

sewing down neck tie
Just a mini whirrrrr!

Time to remove the pockets.

I know. What I’m about to do is highly controversial.

I like pockets. I love pockets. But my original plan to keep these pockets didn’t work.

I can explain! I ended up needing to take in the back more than I’d originally planned, which moved the pockets almost completely behind me.

Just imagine how awkward putting your hands in pockets that are completely situated on your keister would look, because that’s exactly how it looked.

So I did what needed to be done.

I pinned each pocket down.

pinning pocket
I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.

Then, I closed them off forever.

sewing pocket closed

With a tear in my eye, I cut them off…cursing to the wind at my fate.

But enough sadness! Let’s look at the finished Refashion, eh?

DIY Halter Dress After
Mr. Refashionista says it’s one of his favorites.

I think it turned out REALLY cute! I’m glad I kept the length as-is as I love that darling front bottom pleat!

Just look at the back!

DIY Halter Dress refashion from the back
So cute!

I wore my new dress to work remotely with a solo socially-distanced beverage.

cocktail and laptop on table
It’s called a Game Changer, and it’s amazing.
Close up of halter dress
The top isn’t crooked, I’m just angling my shoulders weird.

Perhaps my new frock will bring me a bit of luck! Fingers crossed!

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Refashionista DIY Halter Dress Refashion before and after
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