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Forever 31: A Funky Dyed Dress Refashion
Hello there!
Hey.  Whatsup?

Well hello there!  Douglas here!  Mom is on a fun trip with her friends out of the country right now, and she’s left me in charge of her blog while she’s gone!

I’m really hoping Jillie gets her groove back from this vacation.  She’s been kind of a hermit and I’m glad to finally have some space.  Sometimes a dog just needs some time alone to work on his novel and sniff himself, ya know?

Anyways, Mom asked me to pick some of my favorite Reader ReFashes to share with you this week.  We negotiated payment (in the form of treats), and I agreed.

The first one I’m going to share with you is actually a Re-ReFashion.

Meet Eileen and her elephant skirt!

Why so glum, Eileen?
Why so glum, Eileen?

Now, I think this skirt is just fine.  But I run around totally naked, so what do I know?

Here’s what Eileen had to say about it:

It’s comfy and a nice length but really, really hard to find tops to pair with it. I have both mustard yellow and navy tights that look quite adorable with it but have never been able to find the right top. And so it sits, languishing in my wardrobe, tiny little elephant eyes forlornly begging to see the light.
Truth be told though, this skirt is actually already a refashion of a dress I bought a couple years ago that was just nowhere near fitting around my bust. But those darn elephants implored “You can find something to make with us!”. Here’s the original dress from ModCloth;
We implore you!
We implore you!

So I guess I lied. This is really my second refashion and my first refashion of a refashion!

I really wish I had saved some of the fabric from the original dress but I didn’t, so I just had what was sewn into the skirt to work from. Call it a personal quirk, but I consider the ability to cover both my shoulders and my tummy simultaneously a minimum requirement for a shirt – one which this skirt did not currently meet. So I picked up a little bit of navy chiffon from my fabric store (only $3 worth and I’ve got some left over!) to fill the top out a bit. I started by ripping out the zipper that I had so carefully sewn in when I made the skirt, and ripped off the waistband (but saved it).

Pick!  Pick!  Pick!
Pick! Pick! Pick!

I cut the waistband in half lengthways and used my bias tape maker to make a cute little sleeve detail! Et voila! My second refashion, and my first refashion of a refashion!

I dig it!
I dig it!

Wanna see more of Eileen’s fun stuff?  Why don’t you just hop on over to her blog, Crafty Little Secret, and find out what this Microbiologist by day/Craftster by night is up to (Geez Mom…why did you major in theatre?  Just sayin.)

Great job, Eileen!


I hope you guys all have a great…SQUIRREL!!!!!


Sondra's Reader ReFash
Forever 31: A Funky Dyed Dress Refashion


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