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Electric Blue

A Merry Re-Christmas!
Black & White & Oh-So-Right

This dress looked like the 80’s idea of a futuristic space/time travel costume.

Electric Blue 2
Big n Blue, but I shall not eschew.

I mean, check out the buttons.

Electric Blue 3
a button...from the future!
Electric Blue 4
Look at their badges...Look at the button. Definite similarities...jus sayin.

The dress also came with these awesome (although functionless) sleeve pockets!  Perfect for storing your lip gloss for those interplanetary adventures!

Electric Blue 5
If only it wasn't a fake pocket!

Sadly, there were many things to dislike about this dress.  It was huge on me.  It had massive shoulder pads.  The sleeves had weirdo cuffs, and I hated the length.  Time to get to work!

First off, the pads had to go.

Electric Blue 6
Bye pads. Live long and prosper...or not.

Next off,  I had to take the dress in.  I decided to take it in from the back.  I turned it inside out and pinned it down the middle.

Electric Blue 7
measuring with my sewing gauge...getting ready to take it in!
Electric Blue 8
Pinned and ready to be slenderized!
Electric Blue 9

After sewing a new back seam in the dress, I cut off the excess fabric.

Electric Blue 10
Snippy snippy!

I tried it on, and it still wasn’t taken in quiiiiite enough at the top, so I tweaked it a little.  Once I was happy with the fit, I got to the length.

Electric Blue 11
Choppy choppy!

A quick pin job followed.

Electric Blue 12
Pinning that hem!
Electric Blue 13
Hot hemming action!

That’s about it!  I decided to roll up the sleeves past my elbows to hide those ugly cuffs.  I was ready to do a little pre-holiday erranding.

Electric Blue 14
Visiting my my fella at work/ Gloating cuz I have the day off.

I was happy with how this dress turned out.  I really liked the collar (which I’m sure some of you guys are raising an eyebrow at) and the color, and the eventual fit.

Electric Blue 15
a closer look

After a pleasant “Haha!  I have today off!” session with my fella, I went home and wrapped presents for my fella, niece, and nephew.  Forget wrapping paper.  I have tooooons of fabric scraps that I save just for gift wrapping.  I sewed a few simple bags, tucked the gifts inside, folded the top of the bags over, and tied them with ribbon.  I think they look lovely.

Electric Blue 16
Fabric-Wrapped Goodies!
A Merry Re-Christmas!
Black & White & Oh-So-Right

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your imagination and final results of each and EVERY piece you re-do!!! They’re ALL really great! BEST to you!!!


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