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Elephants on Parade: MuuMuu to Top Refashion

How to Upcycle a Scrub Top
From 80's Meh to 60's Mod!

Liz likes elephants.  Liz’s grandmother knows this, so she gave her this:

MuuMuu to Pre-Fall Top after with Elizabeth
White Elephants on Parade! 🙂

While the thought behind this gift was very sweet, Liz felt guilty for keeping this muumuu that she knew she’d never wear, so she gave it to me!  🙂

refashionista Elephants on Parade: MuuMuu to Top Refashion before
Don’t worry, Elephants! I’ll give you a good home!

I was thrilled!  I looooove a good muumuu refashion!

I also loved those elephants, but I didn’t love that stark black-and-white color combo.  

You can probably guess what I did first!

That’s right! I put my muumuu into a dye bath in my washing machine, following the directions on the dye bottle.

bottle of green rit dye

I knew I couldn’t handle this busy of a print on a dress, so I did a bit of chopping!

I cut off a good bit of length from the bottom.

muumuu with bottom being cut off

Next, I began taking my new top in!

pinning sides of dress
sewing side of dress

I ended up losing the pockets, but concessions must be made!

removed pockets from dress

My new top was looking better, but I didn’t like those poufy sleeves, so I cut them off!

snipped off sleeve

As I cut the second sleeve, I managed to make quite a mess of it.  :/

messy scrap of fabric on sleeve
Geez! Was I paying attention AT ALL?

That’s what happens when you’re snipping late at night while watching Sherlock episodes on Netflix.

Benedict Cumberbatch

I certainly managed to Cumberbotch that up, eh (har har!)?  😀

I restitched that messed up seam, and was back in business!

stitching armhole on machine

I pinned my new arm holes down.

pinning armholes

Then, I stitched them down.

Stitching armhole

After adding a hem to the bottom of my new top, I was ready to head out to a friend’s art show!  🙂

Jillian Owens and Michael Krajewski
Michael Krajewski's business card

I stayed cool & comfortable in my new top!

refashionista Elephants on Parade: MuuMuu to Top Refashion after

His paintings were just as awesome as I expected them to be!

Michael Krajewski's art
Alice in wonderland painting by Michael Krajewski
more michael krajewski art

I even managed to snag a couple of pics of the artist himself!

Michael krajewski standing in front of his art
Michael explains his work.

While perusing, I ran into my fellow Theatre Critic, August!

August and Jillian

If you live in Columbia, SC and would like to see more of Michael’s work, be sure to swing by HoFP Gallery!

Jillian drinking wine on couch


refashionista Elephants on Parade: MuuMuu to Top Refashion before and after
How to Upcycle a Scrub Top
From 80's Meh to 60's Mod!