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Erica’s Maternity Reader ReFash!

Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress
A Funky Fall Frock!

Today’s Reader ReFash comes from a land down unda!  🙂  I love how I’ve met so many cool Aussies through the blogosphere, and I hate to play favorites…but Erica is one of my favorites.  🙂

She’s the clever lady behind Recycled Fashion, where she shows you have to be eco-fabulous in all of your fashion endeavors.  🙂

Recycled Fashion Newspaper pinkjpg

Maternity clothes are expensive…and not always that attractive.  Not to worry!  Erica knows how to work a thrifted frock into a totally non-matronly maternity marvel!

Finding a secondhand garment that actually fits during late stage of pregnancy is quite remarkable, and in this instance, finding a forgiving stretchy jersey dress happened to be a real treat.

This navy dress is not officially a maternity garment, it is a ‘Myer Direct’ 70’s/80’s jersey frock. Bonus when the label reads ‘Made in Australia’; you know you’re onto an original rather than modern day ‘vintage‘ copy, being that hardly any retail clothing brands are actually made in the country anymore.



I don’t just love the refashion, I also love how she’s accessorized the outfit with that fun flower, nice boots, and a cute beret!


You can read her full tutorial right here.

Erica just recently gave birth to her adorable little fella, so why don’t you wish her a hearty congrats as well?  🙂




Black (And Yellow) Friday Dress
A Funky Fall Frock!

7 thoughts on “Erica’s Maternity Reader ReFash!”

  1. Congrats on your boy. I want to be pregnant again so I can try making my own maternity clothes as I only just started learning to sew.


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