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Feeling the Love in my Valentine’s Day Shirt Refashion

A Duster Sweater-Turned-Sweater Dress Refashion
An '80s Power Dress Refashion for a Modern Woman (Me!)

I know, I know. Many people scoff at Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t that long ago that I referred to it as “Singles Awareness Day” myself. It’s a Hallmark Holiday that was designed to make people buy stuff, right?

However, I’ve since decided to be less “anti”. Less Yuck, more Yum. Even a made-up holiday to celebrate love is fine by me. πŸ™‚ While Brian and I usually just exchange cards and candy (which we end up sharing) and make a nice meal at home, I still wanted to be at least a little celebratory this year.

To the thrift store I went, scouring the dollar racks for a perfect refashion!

First, I found this dress:

refashionista valentines day before
Lady in reeeeeeeed!

Then, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT, but I found this T-shirt!

refashionista valentines day tshirt
Why the question?
refashionista valentines day tshirt back before
Hey! I DO have time for that!

Seriously, what are the odds of finding this Valentine’s Day T-shirt someone painstakingly applied heat transfer lettering to? I was planning on just mixing and matching T-shirt letters to make this project, but how could I pass this up?

Did you also just google “Whatever happened to Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That Lady”?

I cut out the parts of the shirt I wanted to use.

valentines day letters
Ah! Much better!

Then, I got to work on the red dress. First, I cut out its lining.

refashionista cutting lining
refashionista cutting lining
This is what a lining looks like on my floor.

As I worked, I noticed this dress was covered in black spots that didn’t come out in the wash.

refashionista spots
They’re subtle, but there.

I decided to carry on. I thought the spots might actually sort of work with the punk-ish(?) vibe I was going for with this refashion.

I cut my dress off at the hips, to make it shirt length.

refashionista dress cut

Then, I gave it a hem!

refashionista hem

Now for the lettering! I carefully chose my placements and pinned the letters down.

refashionista pinned tshirt letters
Pinned & ready to go under the needle!

Then, I carefully stitched them down!

refashionista Almost done!
Almost Done!

And just like that, I had a fun, new, positive top to wear to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my sweet hubby!

refashionista valentines day refashion after
I’m feeling the love!

I think my new top looks really cool!

refashionista valentines day refashion after closer
Come clooooser…
refashionista valentines day refashion after closer
I have plenty of time for that, actually!

I styled my new top with a favorite pair of sunglasses and my biker boots that Benson sneakily chewed up a couple of weeks ago.

refashionista boots
They’re just “fashionably distressed”, right?

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, or avoiding it, I hope it’s a great day for you!

refashionista close up
Hint: The day will be more fun if you wear a refashion!

If Brian and I end up doing anything interesting for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be sure to come back and add pics to this post later (since this is going live before Vday)!


refashionista valentines day before and after
refashionista valentines day pinterest image
A Duster Sweater-Turned-Sweater Dress Refashion
An '80s Power Dress Refashion for a Modern Woman (Me!)

39 thoughts on “Feeling the Love in my Valentine’s Day Shirt Refashion”

  1. My dear, you are soooo amazing and sew inspiring!!! I just want to run out to a thrift store and buy up all sorts of things and refashion them! (well, except with Covid, they are all closed!) I fear I would not be as imaginative as you. But I am really enjoying your posts. And so glad you are through the ordeal. Think sunny (refashioned) thoughts! Thank you so much for brightening our days. Cheers to you and your wonderful husband. Stay well. And keep on inspiring us. You are wonderful.

  2. Talk about thrifting luck! The final creation is perfect, and the boot detailing just makes it so real. The Dachshund of my childhood never chewed a bone or squeaky toy, but he took the heels down on my expensive saddle shoes.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed your posts (and I’m so glad you’re back!), but this one, for some reason, is really one of my very favorites. I love your idea of cutting the wording off a tshirt and including it in the refashion – and those colors are all awesome on you. Great job!

  4. Cute!!! Would have never thought to do something like that! It’s true, many times you see shirts but don’t like all of the design, so to cut out and use only what you like is brilliant!

  5. Wow–I didn’t expect it to become a shirt! What a simple solution. πŸ™‚ The dress was cute, but the cut wasn’t quite right for your figure. It looked a little to big and a little too short–which was an odd combination. You were right to refashion it in a way you can rock it with confidence!

  6. Definitely feeling the love with this brilliant punk vibe refashion, it looks fantastic! I’m also unbelievably jealous of your legs…..I have footballers calves, podgy knees and thighs like a couple of hams, so they’re clearly not my best feature!! πŸ™‚

  7. Girl, you are so awesome. This turned out way better than I imagined.
    I found you a million years ago when I started refashioning thrift store stuff ~ I just wish I had the gumption, imagination, and energy you do! ‘LOVE your photos. ‘LOVE your facial expressions and your style. Thank you for working so hard to deliver such great posts. Happy VDay!
    BTW, Benson did a pretty good job of restylin’ those boots….now they’re half-ankle booties?
    The ReFashionDogsta!


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