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Feelin’ Fierce in Fuschia

Green with Envy: Ruched Shoulder Dress Refashion
Scarf it up baby! Scarf. It. Up.

Even I had my doubts when I bought this frightening fuschia flop for a buck.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 2
Fierce in Fuschia! Grrrrrrrowl!!!!


The color really isn’t my bag, but I liked the crispness of the fabric and I really wanted a bright shirtdress with a full skirt.  The only possible contender I found was this hunk of pepto dismal.       

The first thing I had to do was remove a few extremities.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 3
Pink pads of doom!


Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 4
We're not very attractive.


Including this really absurd pocket with some sort of coat of arms embroidery on it       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 5
Weirdo Coat of Arms Pocket


Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 6
ripping off that weirdo pocket!


My work had only just begun.  Next, I desperately needed to take the top of the dress in…a good bit.   I like marking where I’m going to be sewing with chalk before I pin it.  I also measure the taking in area on both sides with my sewing gauge to make sure both sides are even.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 7
just normal, everyday chalk.


Then I pinned along the chalk line.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 8       

Once both sides were pinned, I sewed along the chalk line on each side, then cut off the excess material.       

Next, I needed to fix the newly shortened sleeves.  I decided to go with a rolled look by rolling the sleeves twice and pressing them.  To make sure they stayed rolled up, I sewed them down like so on the bottom of the sleeve.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 9
the stitch that zigs!


I used a zigzag stitch to keep the raw edge of the newly slenderized sleeve from unraveling.  Don’t worry.  Nobody will even see it, as it’s under my arm.       

Next, I needed to alter the length.  No minidress for me today!  I wanted this to fall just above my knees.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 10
Basement kitteh holds the dress down while I snip


Then I hemmed the bottom of the dress with my favorite rainbow thread.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 11
taste the rainbow


And that’s it!  I now had a very cute 50’s ish dress that I felt quite fetching in.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 12
ello stranger!


Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 13
Fierce in Fuschia 2.0!


This dress was perfect for an evening perusing Columbia, SC’s Main Street for their First Thursday (happens on the first Thursday of every month) art shows!  I was most excited to see the works of Lyon and Jennie Mae Hill at Frame of Mind.  I took pics of a few of my favorites.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 14
Awesome plushies my Jennie Mae Hill!


Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 15
A collaboration piece by Lyon and Jennie Mae Hill (It's a marionette y'all!)


Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 16
an Interactive piece titled "Incubus" by Lyon Hill


And since I was all about Columbia artists last night, I even accessorized with this nifty pin made by local artist, Clark Ellefson.  It’s a little piece of a road sign that he’s refashioned into my favorite pin.       

Feelin' Fierce in Fuschia 17
I'm Jillian's favorite pin!
Green with Envy: Ruched Shoulder Dress Refashion
Scarf it up baby! Scarf. It. Up.

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  1. I just noticed that the marionette you took a picture of is the one that I bought! It’s one of Jenny Mae Hill’s sock oddities in puppet form, and I’m really looking forward to putting something together this weekend to display it!


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