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First Plane to Austin: Dress to Top Refashion

Thrifting in Austin, TX (and a Dress Refashion!)
Krystal's ReFashion Show Creation!

A few weeks ago, Dan and I spied a sweet deal for roundtrip airfare to Austin, TX.  Ever the adventurous sort, we booked our flights and eagerly planned all the things we wanted to see and do!

But, I needed something comfy for the flight!  I went with this lumpily shoulder-padded dress with a wonky bottom ruffle.

top from thrifted dress refashion before
Gah! I had no idea my face could scrunch in like that!!!!


I like that yellow piping, and the lightweight fabric…but those pads are awful, I really prefer to fly in pants, and that ruffle hits me at a weird place!

To remedy this, I first removed those pads that were sewn AND pinned on!

safety-pinned shoulder pads
Not going anywhere!
ripping out shoulder pad
…or are they?

Next, I trimmed off that ruffle!

cutting off ruffle
leftover bottom scrap
I wonder what I’ll end up doing with this scrap!

The raw edge of the ruffle was safely hidden under an overlapping hem, so the bottom of my new top looked nice & finished with zero effort!  



Our flight left at 5AM, so we decided to just stay up all night, and have a suuuuper early breakfast at Amelie’s in Charlotte, a wonderful 24-hour bakery/coffee shop,  before heading to the airport.  

Staying awake that long was more challenging than we had imagined!

Please forgive me for only having a selfie for my “after” pic.  It was really quite early.  😉

austin dress to top refashion after

Thankfully, Dan snapped a few pics for me while we drank our tasty coffee and nommed on yummy pastries!  🙂

3am is Coffee Time!  :)
3am is Coffee Time! 🙂
jillian at piano
I’m an accomplished air pianist! 😉
Jillian in front of giant ruler
Look! I’m taller than quite a few famous people! 🙂
Jillian in front of vintage paintings
Love the vintage decor! 🙂

Dan and I made our flight just fine, and did our sleeping on the plane.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see some of our fun Austin adventures!  🙂


austin dress to top refashion before and after
Thrifting in Austin, TX (and a Dress Refashion!)
Krystal's ReFashion Show Creation!