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Flip It! Upside-Down Dress Refashion

Vintage Hawaiian Muumuu Refashion
Refashioning a Collared Thrift Store Dress

When I grabbed this dress out of my rapidly-dwindling refashion stash, I winced a little.

refashionista upside down dress refashion before
Remember theeeeese?

Babies of the ’80s & ’90s will no doubt remember these fake two-piecer dresses that were an oh-so-common staple of the average woman’s wardrobe back in the day.

This $1 thrift store dress consists of an upper and lower layer that are connected by an inner lining.

fake two piece dress

Even that necklace thing is fake!

fake necklace sewn on to dress
What treachery is this?

Such lies! Such deceit! And in unprecedented times such as these when we’re all in it together as a family more than ever…!

WAIT. That’s just copy from every advertisement that’s out right now.

i.e. “We’re here for you. We care about you. So come to us for your next oil change.”

*eye roll*

Anywho…let’s Refashion this thing.

To get started, I first made a big cut!

cutting top from bottom of dress

Now, some of you might think I’m getting ready to turn this into a strapless dress.


I flipped the bottom of the dress upside-down. Since it has slits on the sides, those are going to become my new arm holes!

I put the dress on me upside-down and marked how big the neck hole needed to be. Then I pinned along what would end up being the new shoulders of my new dress.

Note: I’m doing all of this with the bottom part turned inside-out.

pinning shoulders of new dress
future shoulders

Then, I stitched ’em down!

sewing down new shoulders of dress refashion
Stitch it!

Now for those side slits/my new armholes!

These were a little too gapey to work as-is, so I took them in a couple of inches by pinning, then stitching down the sides.

closing up side slits to make armholes
No more gape-age!

Let’s tackle that bottom hem!

You can see where I left part of the lining from the top of the dress intact. This was necessary give my dress the length it needed to be a dress, rather that a shirt.

I pinned it under.

pinning dress refashion hem
So satiny!

Then, stitched it down!

stitching hem for refashion
A satiny whirrrr!

So now my dress was complete, other than one small detail.

A quick sash!

I trimmed off some of the fabric from the bottom of the original top and used that to cinch my waist!

cutting off bottom of top to make sash
Refash a sash!

Check out my upside-down Dress Refashion now!

Upside-Down Dress Refashion After
Coordinating wine glass sold separately.

I really like the new vintage-y look of the neckline and shoulders. It has a sort of ’60s vibe now, doesn’t it?

And if you’re feeling a bit of Déjà vu right now, it’s because I’ve done similar upside-down refashions in the past. There’s this one from an old skirt-turned-dress and this one from the bottom scrap of a previous refashion.

But wait…what’s that on my shoulder???

shoulder detail added to refashion
Neat lil detail, huh?

That’s right! I just knew you guys would ask me what I planned on doing with that fake necklace thing, so I cut it off and stitched it to the shoulder.

I think it gives a nice bit of visual interest to what would otherwise be a kind of plain dress.

My new dress enjoyed a trip to Five Points to pick up a dinner to-go order for me and the Mr. from one of our favorite restaurants.


Upside Down Dress Refashion After with Handbag
Complete with Nana Bag!
Refashionista Flip It! An Upside-Down Dress Refashion Before and After
Vintage Hawaiian Muumuu Refashion
Refashioning a Collared Thrift Store Dress